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  1. Thanks for all the birthday greetings! I've spent the day exploring the beautiful Danish island of Fanø by bike :)

  2. It hurts to watch Bjørn Kjos (founder and CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle) being unable to defend himself against Piketty. I wish he was equipped with Objectivist ideas. http://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/luftfart/vred-seg-unna-som-en-sleip-aal/a/23414960/
  3. A good moral guiding principle: Never support a law you aren't willing to kill to enforce.

  4. Did Ayn Rand have any specific views on whether a capitalist society requires a parliament / national assembly consisting of elected politicians? And if so, should this be counted as part of her philosophy, or merely personal opinions? I cannot see why the protection of individual rights requires such an institution. Why not just skip the middle man and let those who want to pass a new law file a case in the Supreme Court and prove that the law is not violating the constitution (and thereby individual rights)?
  5. Does it follow from the identity axiom that identical situations create identical outcomes? If so, how do we explain creativity?
  6. "If the rise of ISIL has taught the world one thing, it is that the provocation is beside the point. Jihadists kill because that is what they do. It does not matter if you are a French cartoonist or a Yezidi child, or an aid worker or journalist: if you are not one of the chosen few, you are fair game. Provocation is merely an excuse used by bullies to justify their actions, while ensuring the world bows to their will."

  7. Like a regular baby. He looks at the current state.
  8. He argues that as long as the fetus is capable of surviving outside the womb, abortion should be illegal.
  9. "Your body??? Your body does not have - 2 heads - 4 hands - 4 legs - 2 beating hearts - 2 different DNAs" What comeback would you suggest?
  10. Leger bør ha rett til å la være å henvise til abort av samme grunn og med like stor selvfølge som at matvarebutikker bør ha rett til å la være å henvise til brød og melk.

  11. The universe keeps changing all the time, but the law of identity still applies. By the way, the Big Bang never happened.
  12. What should Objectivists answer when people say things like "We must be open to the hypothesis that the constants of the laws of physics / the laws of nature may be subject to change"?
  13. Mod Note: Merged from topic "Patenting genetically modified seeds" Should it be allowed? To me, it seems like a simple application of the principle of (intellectual) property rights, and that the answer is Yes.
  14. Venstresiden latterliggjør FrP og H for å bruke tid på å oppheve molboforbud mot lakrispiper, proffboksing og Segway — forbud de selv har brukt tid på å innføre.

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