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  1. I saw this on Fox News so I don't have a link but, in the wake of Prince Harry's idiocy, the EU is considering banning Nazi symbols in its 25 member countries. Someone explain to me the logic behind denouncing fascism by stifling freedom of expression.
  2. I will explain that mommy and I don't see things the same way. But I don't see that as "undercutting" mommy. No set of parents ever agrees on everything. I haven't specifically told her that I will tell our kids my real opinion, but I don't think I have to b/c I'm pretty sure that's what she expects me to do...she knows I won't lie about my beliefs to anyone.
  3. I respect Howard Stern for his defense of free speech.
  4. I'm 22...and I find nothing about Catholicism to make me think that it's more rational than Protestantism.
  5. Partly because I despise the Catholic church far worse than I despise any of the Protestant churches, because of its history...but mainly b/c my parents are Protestant and my father despises the Catholic church worse than I do. They know she's Catholic and they haven't said anything bad about her, but they'd be more comfortable if she were Protestant.
  6. If she believed that UFOs had impregnated her, I never would have given her the time of day required to fall in love with her. If she suddenly became delusional, I would try to get her some psychiatric help and hope that she gets better, because I am already in love with her. As for her faith...she believes in Christianity; she just isn't sure that she believes in Catholocism. Personally, if she sticks with Christianity, I would prefer her to be a Protestant, but I suppose it's up to her. As for kids...that's something we'll have to work out at a later time. My stance right now is that I will not prevent her from raising them as Christians, so long as we stress to them the importance of making up their own minds, regarding what they believe.
  7. Yeah, my g/f isn't exactly what I'd call rational, but I wouldn't call her irrational either...but I love her either way.
  8. The Village...that movie made absolutely no sense.
  9. I'll read those articles when I get a chance...thanks for the advice. If it upset her...I would probably have put off buying the poster for a little while, until I was able to help her chill out a little bit.
  10. Well, it doesn't really "upset" her, so I leave it up. She wishes I didn't have it, but she wouldn't ever tell me to take it down. Even so, it's not like I'm cutting all ties with my friend. I just need some time to make my g/f feel a little more comfortable with the idea. I'm in a groomsman at a wedding this summer, where I will most likely have to walk down the aisle with this girl, so I need to make her more comfortable. I realize that I cannot make her jealousy go away, but I was thinking I might be able to help her overcome it, herself.
  11. Well, in all honesty, choosing to not hang out with her is not a big deal. I hardly ever talk to her anyway. I'm not looking for advice on what to do about my friend...I just want to find ways to make my gf less jealous. She does stuff like this frequently. For instance, she doesn't like the fact that I have Pink Floyd's Back Catalogue hanging on my wall.
  12. I didn't invite her, b/c she lives in Ohio and I live in Texas. And I'm not worried about her trying to control me. She would never forbid me to see her or anything. But I made my own decision to not hang out with her, because I don't like seeing my girlfriend upset. I can understand why the situation bothers her, but I do think she takes it a bit far. She's on her period, so that certainly doesn't help. But she still has a major jealousy problem, no matter what time of the month it is. She trusts me, so I know it isn't that...she was in a really bad and controlling relationship for a while, that ended about a year ago, so I think she's still got some leftover issues. I just want to know if there's any good way to reduce jealousy.
  13. Okay, my girlfriend has a major jealousy problem. I mean...it's so bad to the point that she started bawling a little while ago at the thought of me going to a movie with a girl I used to like, who also happens to be a good friend. Suggestions?
  14. The essay was one that I found on the ARI website. Assuming that most people had read it, I didn't see the necessity in saying where it was. The book I referred to was Ominous Parallels.
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