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  1. Not logged in in 12 years. Was 23 then, 35 now! I never thought, when I was last here, that I would ever part ways with Objectivism. I like to think that I haven't -- I still have my roots in Objectivism and agree with a lot of its sentiments, but I think it requires evolution and qualification and modulation. I believe my philosophy to be far more advanced than Objectivism (I believe I have outgrown my teacher). Anyway, just saying hello. Not sure I have anything to offer the community.
  2. Ever played Street Fighter? Mortal Kombat? Thought so. Someone clever made this.
  3. This is a music video that I couldn't remember the name of and so took a while to track down, that I had vague memories of seeing during my childhood. I find it fascinating to watch so I'm glad I found it. It brings back memories of that time. I don't remember what memories.
  4. If you want my view of extraversion and introversion, and you do, then it's that introversion is "inside doing", and extraversion is "outside doing". They are functions, not predispositions. There is a philosophical and cultural reason why men seem to get chronically attached to one method or the other, and seem to find that being more of one means being less than the other. It's a very prevelent perception, and it is to do with false dichotomies (that's your hint) and upside-down standards (that's another hint) but it's far too large a subject to write more than 1% on in this context, and b
  5. What an evil thing to say. "I don't love you kids, I have no selfish interest in your welfare. It's just communism." Now you're violating the forum rules.
  6. Communism is strictly a theory of government; that of a slave state where all private ownership is abolished. Your examples have nothing to do with it (unless your "no questions asked" part means "No questions asked because you'll be shot if you do ask them"). They do however raise the question: "is this action altruistic or selfish?". What do you know of the Objectivist ethics?
  7. It makes a lot of difference when you say that if your own spelling doesn't contain any errors.
  8. She has both the most gorgeous face and the sexiest voice of any famous woman I know of. Unfortunately she poses nude a lot. Am I the only guy that doesn't like a woman to do this? It destroys the mytique around her when she reveals the goods to millions of men. Kind of like an unwrapped present. I'd rather she made herself seem like a goddess for some god than torture lesser men with a promiscous display. I can't help but think that it's a quest for self-esteem. I don't know if she always looks like that, but in that picture the adjective I would summon would be "statuesque". I
  9. I can never sleep face down (or even worse, with the pillow on top of my head). I get too little oxygen and end up struggling to breathe. Even having the covers over my face is too much.
  10. Where did I give an indication of doubt? I have no doubts.
  11. I'm a Helloween man myself. I have about 5 of their albums. I also have some Gamma Ray, but their whiny "religious angst" and nihilism in their lyrics really annoys me. I'll check out those bands you mentioned.
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