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  1. Wow, this sounds cool, I'll definitely be checking it out.
  2. When I say adult, I mean like a 30 year old or anyone over 26. I think a 10 year age difference is creepy, no offense. 5 or a few more years after that is pushing it but 10 or more can be called creepy. When I was in high school, many of the other girls talked about seducing the tall, rather decent looking male teachers that were all married with kids and I'm sorry but I think that's way creepy. It's one thing to fantasize in your head but to actually be serious is just weird and delusional. Many teenage girls also do that with sport coaches or counselors at co-ed camps and sometimes it e
  3. If I had the gene test done to test for porphyria, I might have had a case, but it is just on the verge of being too late, and the testing is very difficult and expensive. It just makes me very angry to think of all that happened to me and how I was mislead and pushed around.
  4. It didn't turn out the way my sister wanted, and that's mostly what upset me. I would have liked to see all of her good friends from law school and her other close friends see her and I would have liked it if people had done what they said they were going to do, so my sister could have relaxed and worried about things like her hair and makeup. I felt uncomfortable because I didn't know what to do and I knew people were gossiping about and judging my sister and the rest of my family. The mother in law almost kind of reminds me of Lily in Atlas Shrugged, so I guess ignoring these people is th
  5. You're right that relatives aren't always like that because they're religious, but they do use religious basis for their invasive actions and it absolves them from any guilt, which makes it hard to hold them responsible for it. That's what I was trying to say but I didn't articulate it very well, it is a very complicated situation. Feeling uncomfortable is an emotion, and I was only trying to monitor the roots of why I feel that emotion and rationalize it. I don't really make that big of a deal out of it and I never meant to imply that I want to be invasive in her decision making, but I d
  6. When I find someone I love, I intend to get married in a church, not because I feel like I have to be traditional, but because I would be most comfortable with it and it has a certain charm to it that makes a wedding special. However, I do NOT intend to allow a preacher to make an altruist speech that has nothing to do with my values. Preferably, the person who marries us must not be religious in any way, but I may not be able to find someone who does that and I may have to compromise. You should not feel uncomfortable at your wedding ceremony, it should be about the people's values who are
  7. My sister is probably not religious in any way, but she NEVER says anything about her personal beliefs around my parents so I can't say for sure. I think I may have asked her one time if she believes in creationism or God and she said no I don't think so. She had a very diverse group of friends in college, hindus, jews, muslims, mormons, catholics etc. and would make a lot of comments about how weird some things were in their culture. She is very naive and good naturedly accepts that her husband is religious like it's a fact of life and it's ok. She is either confused and subconsciously ac
  8. I understand that, but the people who are "just doing the best they can" are confused and think they have to trust based on faith what they are told (ie. maybe by tyrannical parents or friends or relatives) and that's why it's immoral to lie by pretending to pray or accept religion in any way. The people who are naturally rational because of their cognitive abilities and experiences just learn that it's something they have to accept in order to get by in life and they feel guilt and self hatred for their intelligence. If everyone that is rational is disengenous about what they really believe
  9. I didn't say it had an "evil" effect, it just makes me feel uncomfortable, that almost all the people around me probably believe those things and expect anyone they would respect to be the same way. It does have an evil effect on others you care about to lie though. If no one takes a stand against mysticism things will miserable in a lot of ways. It is never rational to lie that way, because the effects it has on society will come back to you. They act like it is a "necessity" to be selfless (even though they don't even really practice what they preach lol) and be good church goers like the
  10. Whenever I go to a wedding and a rehearsal dinner where everyone prays and the preacher makes some evil speech about self sacrifice, that no one is perfect, and how self interest doesn't matter I quietly don't participate but their immoralities make me very uncomfortable and I begin to feel unsure of myself even though I'm perfectly aware of the truth (that perfection can be achieved, that real love is selfish etc.). When people pray I ignore what they say and don't put my head down because I don't think it's right to pretend that thanking the lord for everything you have done from your own i
  11. It's a love hate attraction. Physical beauty is a value, like anything else and I do value that more than anything else in life, because I have an artist archetype. Physical beauty in a man is a material value to me, like something you work hard to get a big salary so you can pay for kind of thing. It's a sexual comfort, which is just like any other physical comfort, the comfort of your home or car, the taste of the food you eat etc. How good food tastes is definitely more important to some people than it is to others, and so that's why physical beauty in the opposite sex is more important
  12. Well, you can't blame me for thinking that someone's ideas are stupid and immature if they think airline companies should reduce their prices to help poor people get cheap transportation, companies should keep hiring people until they go bankrupt etc. and they just whine and play the victim is situations where their incompetence becomes apparent. He decieves me a lot, leads me on and says he's going to be rational, and then comes back when I'm physically attracted to him and emotionally attached and starts talking about all this wacky religious stuff. That's only part of it, I will refrain
  13. Well of course, maybe I should have used the word "lead" but I think it's kind of a weak word. It feels good when you feel so safe and comfortable with a man that you can just be passive and enjoy him taking care of you sexually and protection wise because you trust him and your values are the same. If the guy is the jerk type it doesn't work though and most are in some form or another. To me it looks like a display of manliness, but to him it isn't, because he's just being what he is. I'm letting him assert his masculinity over me, so yeah it is kind of like a display of manliness, but no
  14. I didn't mean dominate in the way you think, I meant sexually dominant, which is really just a display of manliness. Some women like to feel like they're being dominated it feels intimate, like you really want them. However, being sexually dominant can be a dangerous game, and can easily be unpleasant both emotionally and physically, even for a woman who likes it that way so it's only for the experienced or between serious couples IMO. And when I say "experienced" the man has to pick up on or understand signals and what the woman wants emotionally, and men like that are few and far between.
  15. Some people are better in the bedroom than others. Some people are used to very good technique and average technique sucks to them. This matters more to women than it does to men, because men dominate so the woman's technique doesn't matter as much, or at least it SHOULDN'T, but I've heard a lot of neo age weirdos who think both the man and woman should be perfectly "equal" in how they please the other person. Nature wants the man to take over physically because the man is more psychologically set up to do so and gets things done more quickly, and that is what is most physically pleasing to
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