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  1. Has anyone tried it out meanwhile? I think that this cloud approach is a pretty promising deal, because personally I grow tired of always carrying around Terabites of data. Do you think there will be a limit to how much data volume people will be able to carry around? Or will millions of people be able to carry the library of congress on their smartphones in a few decades? I think not, and that the cloud has the ability of making some kind of hyper-brain, like the ultimate online music collection. Companies have already recognised that, and some are able to make decentralized operations world wide while still acessing and improving their database. So why not do the same for entertainment media? If the preice is affordable you could easily get enough consumers together to make this kind of business worthwhile.
  2. I once found 50$ in the ATM of a Hotel that someone had forgotten to put into his wallet before he left. I left it at the Hotel reception, hoping that the person would give it to the owner if he asked. And, yes I did it to promote altruism, so someone would do the same for me in case it happened to me.
  3. I think Baldur's Gate 2 has a very Individualistic edge, after all you are some Kind of Demigod on his Quest for his very own destiny. You have many choices what you want to do with your ever-increaasing power throughout the game. Aaaah, good ol' BG2, those were the times my friend
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