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  1. quote These post cause my heart to palpitate. It saddens me so much to hear so many references to to words like "evil" "enemy" and the most discusting of all "felicitous disaster." Ayn Rand put it that nothing was more important to an individual than their own life and that should be understood. It implys that if you respect the need for you to watch out for yourself alone you would likewise understand that everybody elses life is as important to them as yours is to you. That then should translate into a great appreciation for life...everyones. quote] May I remind you that the Unit
  2. [quote Indonesia is not a dire and threatening enemy - anti-americanism is one thing but thats quite another. I should be interested to hear what the aforementioned and others think of the massive corporate response to the Tsunami disasters. [ Indonesia is most certainly a 'dire' threat to America just as any other malodourous Moslem vipers' nest. If any misguided corporation undertakes to heal the enemy's wounds instead of exploiting them-that's their funeral. You, like these charitable-no, suicidal-businessmen seem to be unaware that altruism is the root of all civilisational evil
  3. Religion as a way of life, as history has demonstrated, is universally pathetic. If not for rational Greek thought conquering 'religion' you wouldn't have a computer let alone the opinions to type into that computer. There may be an excuse for religion but never a reason.
  4. There's something wrong with your conclusions. First, the notion that 'utter destruction' of a social system devised by a mystically inclined mass-murderer and serial rapist child molestor [i.e. Mohammed d. c.e. 632] isn't moral is untenable. Second, any homey, schmo, paisan, greeek, or fellah can write a book; any 'advances'-e.g.: plane trigonometry imputed to Islamic 'society' are not attributable to 'Islamic' anything; these apocryphally documented achievements belong to the foreign hellenistic civilisation that enriched smarter than average Caliphs. Their legacy was incinerated by al-G
  5. I've long advocated the exact tactic. For instance. the United States' should consider the feasibility of targeting Damascus with a-say-nuclear device a quarter strength of the Nagasaki weapon? Consider the Mercedes driving Bathist elite barbequed. Remember, however: Israel, American military and Arab non-moslems are nearby. This isn't as easily discussed as seems. To prepare my argument-the salvation of Coalition forces victory and well-being-I search engined numerous websites looking for nuclear weapon theory. So far, all I'm able to unearth are the same ol' Cold War eschatolo
  6. Christianity needn't die; Capitalism owns it. Capitalism encourages choices for all non-coercive entities.
  7. The death of Islam would be a healthy thing for everybody just as was the denazification of Germany.
  8. If Christians choose to remain faithful to their own rules that means they have an obligation to provide education and health care to everyone unable to pay for these services. Hypocrisy is the handmaiden of altruism.
  9. [First posted somewhere else September, 2004] NEWS ITEM: ISLAM AND ALL RELIGIONS FORBID VIOLENCE. This unfortunate article was penned by Shirin Ebadi, Iran's Nobel (REDFLAG) Peace Laureate. This dried up piece of third world baggage has the temerity to state, '...all religions forbid terrorism and violence...' Ask Mohammed (who, we are told, is still living in paradise) what he'd think of the foregoing and one wouldn't possess a head for long. Just to be balanced one can be certain that the Borgia Popes, Henry VIII, or Joshua would have reacted similarly. The gallant lady goes on to
  10. The Christian Churches of America would do well to follow Jesus Christ and assume the financial burden of 'universal' health care. How often is one treated at a hospital displaying a religious moniker? Since Christians understandably complain about declining educational and therefore moral standards, they should insist that their leadership pay (that's right,cash) for K through college graduation. Consider the establishment institutes for higher education founded by Christian groups. These corporations cultivate immense incomes. Why can't they distribute such fish dinners to distr
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