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  1. Almost all of us here being athiests, the afterlife to us would be absolute oblivion; nothing, not even knowing of it (after death). In my opinion agonizing terror would be better than oblivion. When we die, ALL will be finished for us, Immortality (or no old age-death) would a no-brainer..... Lifee would be what you made of it, but that's how it is already right? death giving life value?! It might give it a little more value, in that you would only have a limited time to cherish it, but without death there is more time to cherish, and more security. Hell, death isn't a finish line, your goals are the finish lines, death is your disqualification from the "race." (this analogy can go pretty damn far....)
  2. The official site for now is here at Baldwin Entertainment. It seems fine except two mentions of Dagny having to battle international terrorism...... Hopefully they have the guts to keep Ragnar as he should be.
  3. This is true, and one's reaction to it seperates the objectivists that like movies such as Pulp Fiction/Fight Club and those who don't; I might have to start a thread in aesthetics to look into the reasons....
  4. But Tyler Durden wasn't the hero. The narrator saw him as a god at times, but only because he had found someone so sure of themselves, almost like how suffering countries will follow a strong leader out of desperation, Tyler Durden was the villain.
  5. SPOILERS!!! I found this movie to be quite stimulating, both in the action sense and looking into unique people. I'm surprised there has been no topic on this movie yet, not even a excedingly negative one as I expected. Keep in mind Tyler Durden wasn't the hero and was killed in the movie's happy ending.
  6. I'm sorry to see that Mr. Laughin has left, I wanted to ask him whether he wanted people to accept Chirstianity because _____ says it to be true. If that blank spot is filled by "the Bible", does he care about the acts of the roman emperor Constantine, fusing pagan religions with the early christianity (including heavy edits to the Bible), changing what was there in order to bring his kingdom together? I just now remembered that he is a Catholic, thus condeming children who love their muslim/buddhist parents and have faith in them, to an eternity in hell? That is one thing of a large list of abominations to god. Does anybody deserve that? His utmost source of knowledge is a book that was (lets say god wrote it by taking over the minds of the writers) edited heavily after whoever wrote it? ------------------------------------ There are theorems that disprove an all-powerful god, but they only work when contradictions cannot exist; meaning if god can defy reason, he could exist. If reason could be broken, god could exist; and Mr. Laughin wants faith (in god and the bible) and reason (contradiction can't exist). The biggest problem I have is what the bible advocates. I wouldn't want to worship such a violent and immature god. So when the big angry man-god sends me to hell, I'll remember this little tidbit: Apostle(I think it was Peter): "Jesus, (after he has visions of hell) why would a good god do such horrible things and especially for eternity!? Jesus: Don't worry, they all get out eventually. **of course I'm paraphrasing, and I will try to find the source of where I heard this**
  7. To ilucidate on the third: It isn't about showing off (for what reason?), it is about enjoying what you have. Not to prove what you are, at most to prove what you have. Ayn rand never said you should strive to get pretty thing to show off, she said that people should be able to enjoy them. If you look at any of her characters, you see they doen't put much value on luxuries, but know when they can enjoy them. Cheers.
  8. ? Why wouldn't he move as soon as he finds a break? Isn't the point to use foxholes as temporary waiting room? You say that once he decides to wait further rational is irrelevant, why? His priority is to wait attentivley for a change in circumstances or to think (and decide whether there is a better chance for survival there, back or the front).
  9. He should then try to use the knowledge he has to wiegh the chances of death in all possibilities, fall back? Wait for a break and charge? I don't seem to understand you, are you saying that the best choice could be reached without reason? Everything has chances of incidence, he would choose the best.
  10. Since it is going to be a trilogy (last I've heard), wouldn't a 15-20 minute Galt be speech be feasible if not preferable? And if the first two parts become huge succeses, they could get away with even more.
  11. In a surprise move, the libertarians (best choice/not saying much) realize the people's dislike of the election stagnation: bush family vs. clinton family; and Libertarian presidential candidate Colin Powell wins in a landslide! He did abjure on account of W.'s actions... It would be the first step of a thousand mile journey. Anybody have contacts to the required people for this plan?
  12. nope Sure, they have the name ragnar, then the crazy o with dots, is that enough? Which reminds me: Nathaniel Branden changed his name to branden (ben+rand = hebrew for son of rand) Ayn Rands first books published by RANDom house? CONSPIRACIES!
  13. A reflex can be controled, hot stoves can be held on too, as many others, but automatic things are even less than reflexes if they can't be controled, breathing isn't a reflex. Babies find that out at birth, the less inquisitive ones have to be made to cry by a doctor's spanking. Does anybody have evidence that eye-closing isn't more that a muscle contraction maybe evolved at random but ending up to be evolutionarily effective? Are you (konerko) saying that we know af germs? It doesn't say that, only that the people without that might not have survived the germs.
  14. Thang is, when Constantine the great wanted to unify the two opposing parties, (pagans and early christians) he knew the pagans weren't going to follow some prophet (thats all jesus was at the time) so what he did was make jesus a deity and add in many pagan stories and elements. Such as resurection and the halos around anybody holy, which is a sun-god thing. The davinci code's saying that it is based on 100% facts is surprisingly close (almost everything but the priarie of scion which was a spectaclular hoax) 70% is a better estimate.
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