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  1. I'm speaking of the kind where you pay someone to strip on camera. Is this like prostitution, or is it somehow different in principle?
  2. It's one of the two things I love best. I won't say what the other is... it's too scandalous.
  3. I've recently fallen rather head over heels for a woman who is 14 years my junior. She is outrageously beautiful and has dazzling wit and creativity and a sense of life that I'm insanely attracted to. The problems are that I'm too old for her (in my own opinion) and that she would probably be out of my league even if that were not the case. She is so beautiful that I can't get anything done because I just sit here and stare at her pictures fantasizing all day. Is the fact that I will never have sex with her proof of the malevolent universe premise? What's the point of being alive if I can't have a girl like that? I know the stuff I'm saying seems immature but I haven't had a crush this bad since the sixth grade and the situation is really messing with my mind. How do I regain my sanity?
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