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    I am a Bsc (hon) geology student.
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    I've read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead.
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  1. That you Hairnet that is helpful. You are right that I should not have engaged this guy to begin with, it appears that I have chosen my friends and field in such a way that I take rational and worthwhile argument for granted (could be worse).
  2. I gave "objectivism in a nutshell" in a discussion on atheist morals on Ateist Nexus and this sparked an argument with another user: http://www.atheistne...page=3#comments If any of you have anything you think I should add to my argument please tell me about it. For clarity, the argument is betweem myself (DarkBlack) and Jedi Wanderer, directly following my objectivism in a nutshell post.
  3. I have some experience that may help. After I read Atlas Shrugged, but before I became an atheist (Atlas Shrugged was only the beginning of the end to my religion), I was desperate to get the two to mix because I could not reject either. Christian objectivism sounded good (Christians are practiced at picking the parts they like of something). But then I "de-converted" and realised that the fundemental basis of Christianity (sacrifice of the most holy for the sins of the masses) is in conflict with Objectivism. It is shocking how much a person can twist their mind to accomodate religion.
  4. I see this is quite an old topic, but I just joined and would like to comment. What I liked most about this movie was that it is really cool (was a teenage boy at the time). What I still like about the movie is the suggestion that your priorities are wrong (should be re-evaluated often), and that your life will not change if you do not act.
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