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  1. Do you struggle with long term plans and goal setting as well? To me right now, every day feels the same. I have trouble thinking about ever having a nice vacation again, or what my live will look like in 2021. It seems there isn't real progress or a clear indication where things might go. I was just wondering whether you feel that ways as well sometimes?
  2. "Addis Ababa has said it will start to fill the dam whether or not a deal is agreed. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Egyptian president, previously said Egypt would take all necessary measures to protect its rights to the Nile water, while Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian prime minister, has said his country was ready to “mobilise millions” to defend the dam." https://www.ft.com/content/d64d1609-75b5-46f1-93f0-bd5049501665 So does the water of the river belong to people in Ethiopia or the people who eat from the fruits of it in Egypt for centuries? Would privatisation solve anything here?
  3. dream_weaver, I think you missed the difference between the Free State Project (NH) and the Free State Initiative, which was a new state somewhere. Regarding funding, voluntary financing can be a lottery. Why not start one now?
  4. So am I right if I think that "Christianity in the sense of the new testament argues for a kind of voluntary communism"? Which would be permitted in a free society but is immoral from an Objectivist view point.
  5. How is this coming along? I think especially EUropeans need an alternative once this thing collapses.
  6. What is the origin of the quote "Christianity is the kindergarten of communism"? I recently encountered Christian libertarians who said that the Bible never said that one should use force to do good. Since I never read it, I don't know. Someone else, maybe growing up as a christian, might have a clearer view.
  7. Hi! I have no trouble understanding Ayn Rand's non-fiction, other than "Introduction to Obj. Epistemology". I just don't get it. Could the lecture by Salmieri help or is it as difficult? Am I alone?
  8. Is this still running? If so what name would the free state have?
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