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  1. I've read the parts of that article which claimed that Male and Female behaviors are social constructs and i do not believe it be true even one bit. I think that those scientists were influenced by the current feminist trend and queer theory which is blatantly bogus. I'm glad you took a look at those articles though. Here is a few others which contradict what you read in them; http://www.ucsf.edu/news/2012/02/11440/male-and-female-behavior-deconstructed http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-02/uoc--maf020212.php http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704013604576246612976236624.html If male and female behavior are nothing more but a social constructs which stem from the culture and/or personal preferences than why even talk about them right? No, my method is to look at what we are down to a gene and how our biology and genes influence male and female behavior. It's not about how you act in every single situation though. Interesting, so you don't think your sexual desires are not related to your brain chemistry?
  2. I can not gather all empirical data and I wouldn't be able to do so even in a few decades. So, does that invalidate all of my previous point? If it does then what made you think that my take on the things as well Kevin's advice are bogus? You ought to have at least some kind of idea of how the whole gender thing is. http://www.webmd.com/balance/features/how-male-female-brains-differ http://books.google.nl/books?id=lS8HCDsKlVAC&pg=PA96&lpg=PA96&dq=Male+and+female+brain+wiring&source=bl&ots=Zybng4SL-I&sig=_t34_sqyC8hik6sLsrekx8UKc_k&hl=en&sa=X&ei=-urMUbaGB9Kb1AXlnYGgDA&ved=0CDsQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=Male%20and%20female%20brain%20wiring&f=false http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2003/10/031022062408.htm http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=girl-brain-boy-brain That 1/4 of what I found to be useful though, later I'll post more links if you want. I'd also argue that a lot of claims seem to be heavily influenced by somewhat egalitarian/feminist approach. However, even in a current environment studies show that genders are indeed different. After reading this line I thought that any further argument with you will be most likely futile because I don't believe for a second that you will change your view on this issues because of some guy making posts on net. If you haven't seen any noticeably trend then maybe you never had a need to see them in the first place. So when you start dating with someone you act/behave/communicate in her company as if she's your good old college buddy with whom everything goes? Or maybe it depends on the context as well? Awww man..I guess I should just give it up.
  3. After doing some more re-reading on this issue I also stumbled upon numerous claims that female and male brains are wired differently and often times they function in different manners depending on the context of a problem they are trying to solve. Should I post links or maybe you're willing to do your own research? Moreover, Keving never suggested what I suggested..ahaha so don't lump us together..who knows maybe he won't like it. I suggested that it's more than appropriate for a male to act in a certain classy "many/gentleman like" way. Let me ask you this, haven't you noticed some certain intrinsic differences between males and females during your life? And while at it, let me ask you another question. How do you behave yourself when you're communicating with a female and not a male?
  4. What's the difference between calling his miniscule advice a formula or a Cult? One way or another you grab a wrong label and put it on what he told us. When you do that you're automatically exaggerating his initial post. Gosh...Can you read what I actually told you and interpret it properly without twisting and binding my message? My "personal attack" was more of a ridiculing joke which was not particular offensive in nature, on different forum with somewhat more lax rules I would've made an actual "personal attack" post. Well, if you think I'm overcharged then perhaps you should ignore me? The reason why you do not make any sense to me is because you aren't making clear and straightforwards statement about what is and how it ought to be dealt with according to your understanding. "Society I grew up without questioning..." Wow, what classy line, sounds a lot like Socialist talk about social constructs. No I did question it numerous times as well as dealt with particular individuals I've come across. Fabric of society doesn't just poof out of nothing, the key questions is where it came from and why it's still here. So you just listed a number of infringements on human rights and expect me to consider them to be similar to Kevin's advice which nothing more but (show her that you're cool, independent and that she matters)? Great, why don't you question the whole etiquette as such and argue that it's alright to poop on the street. Why not? Ouhh, Fabric of society!! It shows a number of differences between males and females. Generally speaking those differences are present and therefore it should be possible to come to at least some kind of agreement that our natures are different as well.
  5. My initial point was not rooted in the two separate spheres concept but the nature of two different genders, what is different about them and how does it manifest itself in reality, I believe it's the 3rd time I have to explain it. The reason why a tribe would have a separation of crude manual labor during prehistoric time is entirely different why women weren't "meant" to lead armies during middle age, Renaissance and on. I hope it's elf evident why.. That's okay, show me why your initial assertion was correct..too lazy to play ball? http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/12/061207-sex-humans.html Click on the wiki link and then check its sources, watch the vid I posted, after watching it you might want to research those who were mentioned in it and what was mentioned in it in more detail. I'm not going to educate you in this thread, like you I'm too lazy for it. Individual differences are great, but both of them stem from what is man and what is woman. What did Ayn say about change? Femininity and Masculinity stem from what they embody in reality, in flesh and bone, in neuron and quark. I see absolutely no need to split this thread, from what I see and read this is where this thread was heading to from the very beginning. Especially taking into account all these "It's all different, yes-yes, very different from Individual to Individual" responses. I get why Kevin was so..brief in his responses now.
  6. You don't make any sense to me. Your freshly edited post makes even less sense to me, you could try to explain yourself in a lot more clear and logical way..or leave it as it is. And yes, there is a personal attack, your unedited post deserved far worse though. There is no Kevins way, No Kevin's formula or Kevin's Cult. He gave a very short advice on how to not make a bad impression. The door thing might be a cliche, sure. The rest however is indeed Golden.
  7. Well, if those females see you as a "Fuck bud" and you're satisfied with that than you're doing everything in a very correct way qua yourself and your mates/mate.
  8. I'd watch the video and google "gender roles in prehistoric times" or something like that before going any further. And no, his post is no good at all. The idea of woman and men as two distinct types of human kind must've come around well before 1800s, heck even Aristotle had his ideas about how and why, he was wrong many accounts though. so no, not "since 1800s" that's flat out false. What he is suggesting is that my take on them in indeed no different from two separate spheres idea, but it is very different and it's grounded in the history of homo sapiens as well as my own observations. His claim is false, it's the second time I have to repeat myself..Gosh I thought I'd come to an Objectivists and people won't sound like mild feminists. Mentally nope..okay, Watch that video. From what i remember female and male brains are even wired differently..Gosh I'm too lazy too google all this stuff.. Here is a classic wiki link!Can't you do yourself a favor and stop re posting the same "it all differs from individual to individual" argument? Great. Because male is the one that naturally and also usually even to this has time to initiate a relationship and then play a more pro active role in which he will be selling the product, himself, and female will be buying it (By that time the male has already bought it). Drop the whole door thing, to hell with that door, it's way bigger than that. I've seen so much evidence for gender roles and reasons behind them, both through my eyes and countless material on net..Watch that vid. She's a smart woman.
  9. I am not talking about inferiority or superiority of genders but about evolution and physiological differences between males and females, they had to be a result of something, so I pointed out where they originally came from. Don't put filth into my mouth by claiming that you know what I'm talking about. That is most likely incorrect because the gender roles in those tribes were extremely prevalent. You say it's not, I say it is. http://articles.philly.com/2007-04-02/news/25241506_1_neanderthals-anthropologists-gatherer Both cognitive, hormonal and physiological. Males and Females are indeed different. Mentioning the color distinction as a primal example is really pathetic...You can name at least 10 major differences in every department I've mentioned. This subject is directly related with Men and Women. I'm not planning on keeping it separate even one bit. Are you going to take measures if I won't?
  10. Here is a small example. Throughout the existence of our Homo sapiens species Males used to hunt and craft tools and females used to service the game and craft various tools as well as make babies. There is a clear historical distinction between male and female abilities, bodies, hormones. There are plenty of anomalies that are observable in our spoiled brave new world which otherwise would've died out but the distinction is still here. She puts it quite nicely in this vid as well as many others: Guilt? No. I have no idea why you sound so ehh..subjective when it comes to boys and girls but.. Femininity does not definitively shape your personalty and character, Femininity is a certain type of crude mold which gives you certain basic traits, from those basic traits a lot of various outcomes will be obviously possible. You haven't lost anything, you might've not been able to discover it or maybe you already did and that's what you are, I got no idea cuz I do not know you. People are not born believing in anything, Most of them are however born with different sex traits. It's a form of sexual selection and competition between males during the dating period, if you fail because you're a failure that lacks manners and has a weak mental character she'll ditch you and go for someone else. A thing is what it is, and it also acts according to what it is. If a an adult male behaves like a whiny teen he deserves a crappy GF which lacks the standards or no one. Something like that, I think.
  11. When you describe the nature of femininity you are not making an in depth characterization of every single female on this planet. There is a difference between those two. Well, say thank you to the 3rd wave of Feminism I suppose. Talking to you about something you have practically no idea whatsoever...or even worse, you actually think it's all the same. And about men too. You can take it any way you want but you've been mentally desexed or unsexed or whatever. If you can't see the difference behind mentality of most men vs most women than you even trying to understand Kevin's points is hopeless. The issue isn't the opening of the door but acting toward like the way your and her nature demand. Considering what to say will result in not saying as well as not showing a lot of different aspect of my personality. Some would call it considering, I'd call it almost lying. Again, what Kevin outlined are extremely generalized advises, Not A Cooking cutting Formula, Formula demands a lot more detail, he'd have to write at least 5 long pages on how to act, move, what to say, when to say etc. Perhaps a few videos made by girlwriteswhat would suffice? She does back up her claims with facts. Or maybe you'll counter her by saying it's all a hearsay and everything is subjective, even your sex?
  12. "refers to any man of good, courteous conduct." Virtues man. The way Kevin describes seems to be pretty courteous and anti new age swagger type. Works for me. So you do have a few ideas about femininity. If you didn't have any you wouldn't disagree with her. We have different sets of hormones. The Nature and Evolution shaped us differently, wouldn't you agree? Moreover, I did see a trend as a Ukrainian immigrant who lives in The Netherlands. I've seen that the most non-feminist girls prefer to have a confident, masculine and yet gentle male on their side who doesn't do any dumb stuff..and the more "civilized" and (intelligent/fashionable, it depends..) he is the better. What if I posted a ytube vid which proves my point? would it suffice? Or a social study? Or maybe you'd counter it with another study? Can you tell me what you expect from men and why? Kevin gave a few self evident advices on how men should act as well as understand why they should act this way, there is nothing mind boggling about them. Btw, if I don't want to open the door for her or talk all the time like a dumb teen that's my problem. As far as I'm concerned his advice is just as self evident as the fact that existence exists. Okay, let me break it for you really quick, if I were full throttle myself with my "I desire to be my future gf" she'd run away screaming "what a morally heavy, intense, overly passionate, radioactive and nit picking snob this guy is, NUUU". It applies to a lot of men..Well, some of it. What's your take on the nature of masculinity btw?
  13. What kind of evidence do you need? A social study maybe? If why being a gentlemen is good must be proven with some kind of hard evidence than you're way over your head lady. Perhaps you should check out Ayn Rand's take on it then? What I find to be somewhat improper is that you can't tell me your own take on your gender and the nature of it...even a small detail would suffice I suppose. There are thousands of anomaly's nowadays and to my defense, the vast majority of people's philosophical views are either Subjectivist, Mystical or Nihilist. It doesn't make them normal or proper though. Not according to me at least. So what if he doesn't answer? If you don't consider Kevin's advices to be valid or legit in any form just because he won't tell you any personal details then so be it. Give your counter advices with well documented advices or don't bother. I've scrolled down this thread and read all replies, I haven't checked out any other posts made by Kevin though.
  14. I recognized a lot of my personal mistakes I've made during dating when I came across valuable dating advices which I've heard from a few a lot more experienced men than I am, older too. The reason why I consider my previous actions to be flawed is because I've personally analyzed them and saw a clear pattern there. I won't start telling you my life stories though. Those advices aligned well with what Kevin says. I'm not going to check out all of his replies. I'm more than certain that all counter arguments that were made will fall in line with what I saw in this thread. Not a single one of you was capable to properly challenge anything he said, all you do is tell him "nouhh maann just beyourself and liek it'll go well dontcha worry!" Did I claim it was any different? Did I claim that Kevin's advice applies to every single one of you and your loved ones? If you want to have it different by all means. I don't get why would you call Kevin's little summary as one size fits all be it all universal go get em'. All he did is gave some generic and common sense how to be a gentleman advice. But hey, feel free to share some of your wisdom, maybe I and Kevin will learn something new. Sure, you're an individual and you have your strong preferences and dislikes. See, that's why I'd never take your advice, there is a huge gaping hole in what you just said qua dating. During your first 2 or 3 weeks of dating most people have a very bad idea of who exactly are they dealing with. During that time some certain rules of engagement apply to whole thing, unless of course you don't mind going full Helter-skelter..That's where and why things can get really silly though. He strongly emphasized how male could act in order to make a good impression, and sure thing gender is strongly emphasized for some heterosexual men who look for a feminine woman I suppose. And yes indeed there are zillions of claims on what being a male and female is, I'll stick with the classy version that makes sense, just like I decided to stick with Objectvism. Now, why don't you tell me what you think the nature of femininity is and how should a man treat you.
  15. Imo Kevin's generalized advice makes more sense than all these watered down "be yourself, and maybe somewhat sexless" advices others give. Treating a woman during a romantic relationship like a woman and not like your bud is not a sweeping assumption, if anything that fact that you called it a sweeping assumption is a veiled adhom.
  16. Stefan embodies the ultimate bastardization of Objectivism.
  17. Well said, from what I can tell the tattoo distorts the beauty of a human body, it jacks up and dims the lines and contour. Unless of course it's an ugly body..
  18. Universal no or no that applies only to you personally?
  19. The main problem here is that you anthropomorphize animal behavior and vice versa. Human mind, normally speaking, is capable of a great deal rationalization and conceptualization. Lions don't do that only to a very small degree. Monkeys might be a lot more crafty and social than felines and yet we are operating on totally different level as a whole. Long story short, if you want to enter animals realm of thinking and do force on force only than no, murder is pretty much okay, regardless of how many and who. If you however want to be able to call yourself a human then you shouldn't behave or think like something which is 5 times more primitive than you are.
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