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    I'm an American, Christian, Veteran, Conservative, Married, Blue Collar Tradesman, and Grandpa.
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    None. Read Atlas Shrugged in the late '70's. That's about it. Still read it over again every few years so as to keep inspired and focused. Being more of a doer than a thinker it was enough to change the course of my life.
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  1. You hit upon the solution... only the productive wave of creative human innovation can overcome the obstacles to civilisation.
  2. Of course there's always the risk of being labled a heretic for daring to advocate the blasphemy of solvency. Capitalism is a system based on capital. Creditism is a system based on the lack of capital. Whenever any economic system becomes based more on debt than it is based on capital... it fails.
  3. You're correct in that banks know full well what they're doing. There are reasonable limits to FRB and then there are abuses. FRB, government monetary policy, and the credit/debt system all work just fine... until a critical mass of people faking reality brings about the inevitable returns to reality called Recessions and Depressions. The banks' real ace in the hole is the government, which indemnifies their fiscal irresponsibility with it's own... the unlimited ability to create currency from nothing. The government even creates currency and then uses it to buy its own debt... the ultimat
  4. Fiat currency operates on exactly the same faked reality as fractional reserve banking. FRB is banks pretending to have more money than they really have, just like fiat currency is the government pretending to have more money than it really has. In fact, the credit/debt system is people pretending to have more money than they really have. So whenever pretense pervades society, it gets a dose of reality like 2008. Banking FR practices and government fiscal policy are both merely an extension of the prevailing practice sanctioned by a society which lives by the same faked reality principle.
  5. ...and after the government confiscated gold, the price then jumped 67% to $34.69 in 1934 by devaluing the dollar. Gold, like other equities, presents a continuing problem to government promotion of faith in it's paper curriency... simply because it's real. No thanks, Ben... I prefer reality to fantasy... For those who believe Ayn Rand had nothing to say about economics and business, which one do you think she would have chosen?
  6. They are. I just did a simple search that took a minute. Look at any historical gold price chart. They all log exactly the same spot gold prices because they are public trading record. Ok. Then I'll assume that you can answer this question. What other policies drove up the cost of gold to +39 times its original price over the last 40 years? Do you realize that is almost a 100% increase for each year? No. You're looking at the wrong side of the ledger. The price of a thing is the measure of the (lack of) value of the dollars needed to buy it. Well, that's why you don't ever wan
  7. Failing to protect yourself is what validates the actions of the rights violators, because it grants them the sanction for you to become their victim.
  8. Because simply being a minority disagreeing with public policy demanded by the majority has absolutely no power to change it, the personal responsibility falls upon each individual American to learn how to protect themselves from the consequences that the majority sets into motion. Anyone who fails to rise to the occasion gets what they deserve for abdicating their responsibility to protect themselves. It's not really all that difficult. All that is necessary is to live by a different set of values from the majority, and that sets into motion beneficial consequences all of its own within e
  9. It's a remnant from a bygone time when there used to be honorable men who kept their word.
  10. I wasn't implying any number, just that what I said holds true. I can't find any I care about either, because all I see are people getting what they deserve. And another cycle like 2008 will return in its own time. There's more than one way to look at Ayn Rand's writings. Read with the eyes of a businessman she offers literally a wealth of practical advice. What others see in what she wrote depends on how they live.
  11. And what happens when credit comes to be regarded as if it was capital... and not the lack of capital? 2008 You'll have another chance to understand first hand the next time the pyramid scam collapses. I've lived long enough to see this cycle occur a few times and learned how to protect myself from becoming collatoral damage.
  12. I believe you. Eiuol. I'm completely convinced that from your point of view, Ayn Rand had nothing to say to you about the principles of Capitalism. For me she did, and I've been using her ideas in business for decades. So each of us takes away from her writings what they find most useful in their own lives. There are pitfalls to holding currency which represents nothing real except a fractional reserve banking system based upon illusion. This system mirrors the personal finances of many people who live by leveraged debt. the government uses the same system of debt except it can "create" m
  13. It sure doesn't any more. In 1970 foreign countries were demanding gold for their dollars and the US didn't have enough gold to back them (fractional reserve banking) so to prevent a run, the government cut the dollar exchange rate from gold and allowed it to "float". In 1971 gold cost $40 an ounce. In 2013 gold costs $1,570 an ounce. Exactly the same one ounce of gold... only the amount of dollars needed to buy it has changed. And that is why the dollar is such a poor quality store of wealth. Same Money works just fine for immediate transient transactions, as long as y
  14. If a paper note does not accurately represent gold, it's a denial of fiscal reality, and denying reality is a lying. This is similar to the A = B lie that credit is capital, when it is only the lack of it. This A = B lie causes economic depressions which are the inevitable return to the A = A reality that only capital is capital. The economic pain of 2008 taught people nothing, so same thing will happen again... and again. In my view, there is no such thing as an honest pyramid scheme, and it has nothing to do with Capitalism. People will willingly participate in a Ponzi scheme
  15. His veracity matches the electorate who voted him into office.
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