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    Read Atlas and looking to delve deeper into the philosophy. I also saw the first movie :)

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  1. Of course, I am sure they are as many are estimates that range widely depending on who is reporting them. However, I don't want to squibble over how many 10000s really died, 10000s are unjustly dead.
  2. I'm not sure I understand this. Do you mean it was a war worth fighting just the leaders were too incompetent?
  3. I'm not going to lie, I am terrified by things likes this. Firstly because I remember watching the build up and beginning of this War and buying it all without question and not stopping to question the media spin on it. Now looking back on it, the statistics speak for themselves: And secondly it terrifies me that despite the truth coming to the surface people still ferociously defend it. With people still able to defend these atrocities and fall blindly for the garbage the media sells, are we still ripe for more of these wars?
  4. Hi, I'm wondering how interested you are in objectivism? What have you read or watched? I'm thinking that maybe if his mother is interested in it he might pick some of it up. If you live the values yourself, it is most likely the best way to communicate the power of the philosophy.
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