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  1. Jon Stewart: Unfunny Hypocrite and Liar The Daily Show has always leaned progressive, but it has made the full jump to left-wing propaganda outlet with its dishonest and lopsided coverage of the Gaza-Israeli conflict: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmPJb6Mcu6g What is Stewart’s point exactly? The rockets Hamas fires at Israeli population centers to indiscriminately harm as many people as possible don’t count because Israel manages to shoot down many of them? In true pundit fashion, Stewart – in the course of ridiculing a smartphone app which warns Israelis of incoming rocket a
  2. People were and still are very upset about the Citizens United ruling. Most of the polls show at least an 80-20 unfavorable-favorable split. Not sure this logic holds up.
  3. I’m going to make a bit of a liar out of myself by not ignoring the Hobby Lobby case entirely - as I previously suggested we all do - although I am still entirely of the opinion that the decision: is unlikely to affect any of our lives, is unlikely to affect the lives in anyone we know, and is unlikely, in any event, to significantly affect the small number of women who choose to: 1) work for a few private company with a sincerely held religious belief against contraception; 2) use that employer’s health care plan; and 3) use contraceptives. In fact, it’s not so much the irrelevant Hobby Lobb
  4. The decision begged another case through which to overturn the 1970's precedent that unions may coerce membership dues. Hopefully next year or the year after the Court will expand its holding to all union environments.
  5. Today, the Supreme Court is scheduled to release two decisions. There is the case everyone will be talking about - Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius, which doesn't matter - and Harris v. Quinn, which could upend the union landscape across the country. In all likelihood, the Hobby Lobby case won't affect you or anyone you know. For those it will affect, it will make essentially no difference in their day to day lives. It focuses on the extremely narrow issue of whether a few companies so stupid as to conflate contraceptives with abortion have to pay for them under the Affordable Care Act. This case is
  6. Dream Weaver - You understand I am not a progressive and am therefore not making that argument, correct?
  7. There is nothing inherently wrong with striking either. The problems arise when force begins to be used. I think these distinctions are worth making to avoid the progressive argument libertarians and Objectivists are against free association.
  8. There is nothing about collective bargaining that inherently violates the rights of employers, anymore than I would be violating the right of my employer by unilaterally asking for a raise. However, unions have been very successful in lobbying the government to limit the free speech and property rights of employers and employees in other ways, and this is what makes the "golem" so dangerous.
  9. I don't think labor unions are inherently bad, and they have done a lot of good throughout American history. The problem is when they are mandatory and enjoy all manner of special protections from government. MADD brought a lot of awareness to the drunk driving problem, but now they have morphed into more of an anti-alcohol campaign and their demands have become unreasonable.
  10. Three of the most successful social movements in American history have been the women's rights movement of the early 20th century, the civil rights movement of the mid-20th century, and the gay rights movement of the late-20th and early-21st centuries. Each movement brought with it a mixed bag of equal protections under the law and expansions of the nanny state, and as a result, liberty advocates have often fallen into a limbo of qualified support and justified hesitation. Setting aside whether the positives outweighed the negatives in each case, the pressing matter today is what to do when
  11. Harrison - You are really tripping here. It's been stated many times already: people are not responsible for "whatever" thoughts others form- they are responsible for only reasonable and foreseeable interpretations of their behavior. I don't know where anarchy or the "evils of libertarianism" play into this.
  12. That's much my feeling on the subject as well. It is not the job of others or especially government to even out the natural gifts or limitations of humankind like in Harrison Bergeron. Thank you.
  13. Splitprimary - I'm assuming you are a woman (please correct me if I'm wrong). What is your take on the whole "rape culture"/#YesAllWomen phenomenon?
  14. I did mention in the article that I had been that guy a few times, meaning I offered the pretext of going back to my place for some mundane reason or other. I know many people who have done similarly and would immediately understand the meaning. Usually "personal anecdotes" are frowned upon, but if they are being considered, I have plenty.
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