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    William Scott Scherk
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    WSS has been: Poet/HR manager of a year-round silviculture company in the great white north, - webmaster, data base admin - singer. songwriter, frontman - painter - sculptor - reporter - cook - janitor - editor - filmmaker - actor - amateur psychologist - web maven May he be all these things
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    Six years of grinding up against the parts of Objectivism that I object to. This has sharpened my mind and arguments, and allowed me friendships with people I disagree with.
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    College of New Caledonia
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    Consultant, Editor, Volunteer, Caterer, Multiculturalist, Gadfly, Critic

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    Vancouver, BC, Canada
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    Interests and hobbies are dang dilettantish, web design, cycling, psychologizing
    Passions/Interests: Argument re; human nature; good government; comprehension; current events/history; urban transport and urban design; emotion; pseudoscience, pseudophilosoply
    Favorite Movies: none but the worst, Evil Dead, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, crappy Mexican horror/wrestling movies, early Spanish gore movies, etc
    Favorite Books: Science within Reason [Susan Haack]
    Favorite Music: demented pop, Dusty Springfield, Cure, Anne Murray, Dead Kennedys, Los Popularos, classic Cuban
    Favorite Food: Cantonese
    Favorite Works of art: Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X [Francis Bacon]
    Other Favorites: My geekish side loves learning XML/PHP/MySQL and AJAX. My geekier side like Google Earth. My ultra geekish side thinks databases are neat. My normal side is fascinated by the obverse to norms.
    Pet Peeves: Forced-choice questions, pseudoscience, crap psychology, heartless cruelty.

    Philosophy: Non-Objectivist
    Ayn Rand Fiction read : Atlas Shrugged
    Ayn Rand Non-Fiction read: Virtue of Selfishness, Romantic Manifesto

    Personality: Myers-Briggs Personality Type: Aqua

    Body Type: Average
    Height: 6'2" (187 cm)
    Eye Color: blue
    Hair Color: brown with distinguished grey

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  1. Good to see you here, Doug.

  2. Like you claimed me? I am friendly, but no nothing about you. Nice to have a friend showing up in my profile ...


  3. I'm not by any means an Objectivist, brother. An interested bystander, perhaps, and one with a great sympathy for folks 'up against the machine,' but not an adherent. Good luck with the sales of your book. When I was in France I was surprised at the 'tightness' of what I could see of that culture. I remember being surprised at gardens in the suburbs of Paris -- so pruned and bollarded and crimped and gated and forced into conformity that it seemed the householders were angry with the poor shrubbery. It wasn't till I spent some time in the Sauterne that I realized Paris wasn't France . .
  4. Thanks for the links, Dominique. One question occurs to me . . . why do you use 'the author of Grandoria' and 'Dominique Raymond Poirier himself" rather than 'me'? I don't know what to say, except to quote from a terrible/wonderful scene between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in the movie Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. The Davis character had been systematically tormenting her sister, and now attempts to reason with her . . . Crawford: You wouldn't be able to do these awful things to me if I wasn't still in this chair! Davis: But you are, Blanche! You are in that chair!
  5. I am a bilingual Canuckistani and followed the links to Facebook and to the two forums noted. There is some apparent suspicion that a newbie poster is actually the author (/a brother or friend of the author) of Children of Grandoria, and so suspicion that the newbie is indulging in a bit of (hidden) self-promotion. These are huge forums with very large readership. As far as I can tell there is no banning or 'censoring' of discussion, just a rather dire dismissiveness and suspicious/supercilious attitudes. In the context of French literary squabbles, this is not particularly notable -- not t
  6. According to a message sent to readers/members at her Facebook page "Ayn Rand and the World She Made by Anne C. Heller," and also posted to her Wordpress blog, the author of "Ayn Rand and the World She Made" is shortly to visit the Archives as a registered user. She invites research questions via email (questions based on her book or other reputable sources) and writes that she will report on her visit later this month.
  7. Via Youtube, a highlight from the upcoming documentary film Bloodied But Unbowed. This highlight clip is me in the flesh nowadays talking about sex and status and community and a wave of nostalgia. Wscherk, me, was once Bill Shirt, frontman for a couple of Vancouver bands. In the promo clip you can see some vintage footage of the callow youth cavorting on stage and singing the 1979 anthem "Nothing Holding You." Strange to have the old days return in Vancouver. We were once 300 brave villagers battling the swampy, shitty music landscape of the time, banding together for mutual protection
  8. Jake answers my query: "Objectivism would allow US Marshals to seize and destroy products such as these, or if Objectivism might allow a law against adulteration, and allow policing of such scams." Well, if under Objectivism, a law against adulteration might exist, and a law that allows policing of such scams might exists, I am left wondering just how this would work. If Stiff Nights is investigated, and its product found to be adulterated, who does the investigating? Or rather, what part or arm or agency of the government would be charged with these tasks? Here's what I don't quit
  9. If you mean how would a laissez-faire approach to supplements work in the real world, I suggest you have a gander at some of the watchdog sites that monitor the scammers and fraudsters in the supplement industry, such as Supplement Genius There are some toe-curling stories of truly venal operations. My favourite is the Stiff Nights 'all natural' male-enhancement pill sold until recently . . . the secret in the mix was an analogue to the active ingredient in Viagra. Remember that Viagra's erectile properties were discovered in testing a blood-pressure reduction medication. So, taking Stiff N
  10. JMeganSnow reports on the American Association of Tissue Banks, a voluntary agency that sets standards for its members. Yes, something to think about. I tried to find out how JMegan came up with the SIX, count them, SIX tissue banks in the US, without success. I note that Ohio alone has 72 tissue banks registered with the FDA. According to a report by Harvard law student Mary Wang, in 2002 68 tissue banks were accredited by the AATB. I note that the AATB processes and procedures form the bulk of the industry standards that FDA regulations enforce. I see no way to conclude that trade in hu
  11. JMeganSnow replies to my disagreement that it is much cheaper to lie than to comply with FDA requirements. JMegan had suggested by way of an example that it is "MUCH cheaper to LIE about your compliance and throw a few hundred thousand dollars at lawyers to keep the regulatory agencies off your back than to actually go through the byzantine process of compliance." I wrote that Eli Lilly lied, and paid the big price. My disagreement was that it was not cheaper for Lilly to lie than to comply. In any case, JMegan's totals are wrong. Lilly's lies to the FDA cost them much more than
  12. This statement is incorrect, given the real world example of Zyprexa. Lilly lied, and paid the big price.
  13. Under Objectivism, there will be no FDA as a strong arm of The Government. To your example -- if a person purchases a drug (perhaps by prescription, perhaps not) and its use results in that person's death, a few more bits of information need to be known before your question can be answered reasonably. Since it is a hypothetical, I will try to draw in more bits of information with as much reality as possible: The drug is prescribed by a doctor. The patient asks the doctor about side-effects. Can I die from this medication? he asks. The doctor says that in rare cases. the drug has led to
  14. Nerd, forgive me if I seem like a knob, but I don't follow your reasoning. If I truncate the quote and ignore its referents, it looks like you could be arguing for the following: He who finds knowledge to be a priori finds discussion pointless. Now, in French, this reads much better: Qui trouve la connaissance fixé en avant, sans expérience, ne sauriez qu'y en discuter soit sans but. And, voila! you find yourself on my 'ignore' list. Have a happy Xmas.
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