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  1. But he is tireless in his support of separation of church and state. I think after Bush is done we need a little cleansing. I think Feingold can do it. Sure he has a lot of positions that piss me off, but I think the Republicans will keep on caving in to the religous right.
  2. I would vote for Russ Feingold, a Democratic senator from Wisconsin. I think he may just run.
  3. A train is heading towards two people that are tied to the tracks. You have the capability to change the direction of the train, but then it would kill another person who is tied to that track. What is the moral thing to do? Is it moral to trade 2 lives for 1.
  4. Or Michael Savage. If anyone wants to see how fascism could happen in the US one only has to listen to "The Savage Nation".
  5. A Christian friend of mine told me to read C.S. Lewis to get a clear picture of what Christians believe and why it is not irrational to be a Christian. What kind of philosophy can I expect to read about with Lewis? Does he offer any good arguments for Christianity or is it Kantian?
  6. There is a different geneology for Jesus in every gospel.
  7. Hydrogen is the most abundant substance in the universe. There is plenty of hydrogen on Earth, it is just locked up in water. If we could separate it from water we would be home free.
  8. I am not sure I used the word 'subjective' correctly, but one of the things I found very problematic with Toulmin is how he defined a reasonable argument. His definition was something like this 'an argument that will resound with a majority of reasonable people'. I find this definition incredibly vague. When I asked my TA about this she told me that it was supposed to be vague and flexible. My response was, "What good is a definition if it isn't definitive?" This definition brings more questions into my mind than answers. What is a reasonable person? What constitutes a majority? 51%? or would 49% do? What if your argument is spot on but a majority of the people hold vastly different beliefs than you (such as arguing evolution to Christians)? That is what I meant by subjective. I do not have access to The Ayn Rand Lexicon at this present moment. I am sorry I couldn't help you out further.
  9. In my persuasive writing class we are learning about the Toulmin system of organizing argumentation. This system was obviously created by Stephen Toulmin in the late 1950s. He claimed it was necessary because formal logic did not handle a lot of argumentation. From what my TA tells me it is a revision on Aristotle. Does anyone know anything on Mr. Toulmin? It seems to me as if it is a subjective view of argumentation, but then again my skills in rhetoric are not highly developed.
  10. That would be the primary criteria for the consideration of ownership, but they would not have to be used soley for self-defense. I use my guns (an AR15, a Ruger 10/22 and a Yugoslavian SKS) for self-defense, hunting and recreation.
  11. By looking at my avatar you can tell I am an advocate of the right to keep and bear arms. I am not as some that believe that one may own any weapon they want. The defining characteristic that should be considered is the area of effect of a weapon. Guns target an individual, which would be necessary for self-defense. Grenades, rocket launchers, and nuclear bombs target an area ranging from a couple meters in diameter to miles in diameter. These have no purpose in self-defense, therefor one does not have the right to own one.
  12. I am not too big of a fan of Mr. Royce aka Boston T. Party. I have read a few of his books and they are loaded with misinformation. He constantly misquotes people and must not double check his information at all. That being said we are becoming a "hologram of liberty".
  13. From what I have seen of House, I love it. I have only watched two or three episodes but I have a feeling this will become a 'must watch' show for me. Dr. House's antisocial attitude really speaks to me for some reason. They way he nags the obligatory beautiful female doctor is probably the best part of the show.
  14. I made it to level 6 before I quit. It is an intersting riddle. You feel accomplished when you get one right.
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