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  1. This is an article I wrote after my daughter recovered from MRSA. There is also a video for the article if you follow the link. http://wedontneedgod.wordpress.com/2009/09/03/we-dont-need-prayer/ Recently my daughter was in the hospital for a severe case of pneumonia. While she was there, being treated with modern medicine, using the latest advances in science and technology people would tell me an odd thing. They would say “We are praying for her.” While I certainly appreciated the sentiment, which was something like, we feel bad for your situation and wish there was something we could d
  2. So am I. It would have been presumptive and insulting.
  3. Thanks for your reply, but I don't need a lesson in what axiom's are, so I fear your words are wasted, and you have contributed nothing to the list of axioms.
  4. Not true. Volition: http://www.peikoff.com/opar/volition.htm "The principle of volition is a philosophic axiom, with all the features this involves." Validity of the senses: Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand by Leonard Peikoff, page 39: "The validity of the senses is an axiom"
  5. I am trying to list all axiomatic concepts. Existence Identity Consciousness Volition Validity of the Senses are there more?
  6. Just wanted to share this article, and perhaps clarify any of the points if folks have any questions.
  7. http://wedontneedgod.wordpress.com/2010/03...gious-concepts/
  8. Your items are no longer listed on ebay... do you still have any for sale?
  9. Just for reference, George Reisman touches on Rothbard's meetings with Miss Rand in the introduction to "Capitalism: A treatise on economics" avaliable for free at capitalism.net
  10. Does that apply to any philosophy as long as the conclusion follows logical from its premises, even if they are wrong premises? Such as if some mistakenly thought that the earth existed for its own sake and became an environmentalist or if they thought men where not smart or moral enough to self-govern and became a statist and logically followed from those premises to level that PETA and Nazis are? What I mean is that I thought an argument couldn't be described as rational unless the premises and the conclusion where correct. "if A is true then B follows, A is true thus B follows" That
  11. The group is called "The Association of Objectivists in Business," here is their web-site http://www.aob.biz/
  12. I would like to commission two essays at the price of $20 per essay. The topic of the first essay is to be the Objectivism's defense of atheism on metaphysical grounds. There should be a focus on the axioms of existence and their incompatibility to the concept of 'god.' The topic of the first essay is to be the Objectivism's defense of atheism on epistemological grounds. There should be an emphasis on the arguement from faith and reason's dismissal of it, as well as a paragraph or so on the nature of reason and mans need of it. Both essays should be written with an audience of atheist
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