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  1. "Binance Coin (BNB) is currently on a dream run as the digital currency is up by nearly 1,600% since the start of 2021. BNB crossed the market cap of $95 billion on Monday after the digital currency gained nearly 25% in the last 24 hours."
  2. I've been watching Jordan Peterson attack atheist governments, and both Sam Harris and another used the above argument that communism was "dogmatic" and in a sense a religion. Nevertheless, the charge that atheist governments have committed awful acts is also true. For advocates of atheism it is a deep blow to their position. It simply highlights that fact that atheism does not give one a moral instruction. It simply eliminates one of the wrong directions to take.
  3. Here is a discussion of "different types of causality" from Onkar Gate (more that just antecedent factors). I queued it up so when you click it goes there.
  4. Once you see it as "I will not walk away from my son", it is in fact a direction. It may not be specific, but it is the overall direction ... your purpose. No question there is some PTSD there. It means you have to clarify things through the fog that it creates. Then it is a question of how to achieve "not walking away from JT" the best way possible. It's going to have to be a compromise. The court system is not on the side of fathers. It's just the way it is. You have to play the game. What does Tiffany want? What kind of trade is she willing to go through. She knows
  5. Agreed. What I heard was My son was stolen from me. She stole him from me. That horrible #%%^#$%^ She had told me that I would bring him up. But she was lying. And the system helped her. They never saw any redeeming quality in me. I love my son. They all took him from me. How could people do that to a father that loves their child? They had no right to do that. It shouldn't have happened. Expression of feelings is what dissipates the fog far sooner than "the reason" in this type of situation. That's because you already know it. You're not alone in
  6. "Young people don't know how to think", or "30 percent can't feel good about anything", if true, is alarming. The fact that people have a hard time finding their way to the truth has both psychological but also sociological/political reasons that need to be dealt with. A human, by nature, wants to feel pleasure. When they want to feel numb, it's a reaction to something. They are shut down to protect themselves. Removing those reactions, those maladaptations is the direction that is sought. Psychology has plenty of techniques to deal with that nowaday. When he talks about "object relations
  7. If one is suicidal, dealing with suicide comes first, before alcohol. Call 1-800-273-8255. That is beyond the scope of a forum thread. The spiraling issue to deal with is the "self medication". At that point, logic is not enough when facts are tainted. If one is hurting too much, we need help, proper help. Doing it alone is not enough.
  8. "Alcohol and suicide have a tragically close relationship. Individuals with suicidal thoughts often turn to alcohol, and alcohol increases suicidal thoughts." https://www.alcoholrehabguide.org/resources/dual-diagnosis/alcohol-and-suicide/
  9. This is wrong. It is a mistake. You are making it worse with alcohol. This is not to hurt you. It's the truth. Having said that, you need a way to counter the pain. Pain isn't something anyone should invite. You don't deserve the pain. It's hurting. I'll say it again: You have a direction. You are digging your way out of the hole. Or maybe you are being pulled into quicksand. And the rope being thrown to you, is "stop the alcohol". The right path to take is getting out of there. The idea that alcohol or drugs won't make it worse is a fr
  10. Divorce was rough. The depth of the self reflection is impressive (and continue as long as you feel like). Takes courage to do that and it's very healing, on many levels. The key with the self reflection/healing is the writing it out (communicating), as in: not ruminating ALONE round and round in your head, but sharing the load in a sense. You already know what happens when it builds up without an outlet. There are many other techniques that I could talk about but there is no point in trying things you are not familiar or comfortable with ... unless ... you are desperate/motivated en
  11. Yes, I'm confused by technical terms.
  12. “existence is situation” situation exists or is it a situation exists? "an existence" exist? "Situation is the way something is positioned as compared to its surroundings, or the status of the circumstances, or the combination of circumstances at a specific point in time. An example of situation is a house down the street from a big tree. An example of situation is having to decide between two jobs." existence is the way something is positioned? Yes, there must be a "specialized" definition alright.
  13. I don't know if a public forum will prevent you from getting some pot shots that will hurt you, but I am delighted that you are putting all this in writing. You may get responses from people who want the best for you which is the ideal situation but obviously it it's not guaranteed. The fact is that emotions have to have an outlet or they will come out sideways. ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Drugs and Alcohol can be an outlet too, but the cost for someone "who wants something better" is very high. You actually have a direction. I know it hurts and I'm sorry that it hurts. But you in fact have a
  14. I know several people who made money and some who lost a lot due to the girations of Bitcoin so I don't have any fascination either way. But from the technical side, bitcoin or blockchain used in bitcoin type electronic cash has at least one built in use. It cuts out the middle man in financial situations where "proof of funding" is necessary. Proof of funding means, I know what your account number is and I know the balance ... right now. Let us say, you have a volunteer fire department. There are a thousand inhabitants, that sign up for the protection. At any moment, the users of th
  15. Sorry to reply so late, but I had to read the thread again to give my answer. I also had to review my post. https://forum.objectivismonline.com/index.php?/topic/8011-how-do-i-know-im-not-in-the-matrix/&page=7&tab=comments#comment-355242 "Everything we know is simply a simulation ... (there is a variation below)" The word "is" is used, it is a statement of fact. It is a statement of fact about something that has no evidence to make it "probably true". The probability of it being true or false is equal (because of lack of evidence). Therefore, saying it is true, with c
  16. I used to wish that "The plane ride is safe" was an axiom. I was very unsatisfied with "contextual certainty" for many years until I realised, there is no other kind of certainty. Even knowledge of absolutes is through "contextual certainty". Couldn't say it better. Fascinating formulation. Gives some understanding about why the Arbitrary can be so attractive. Then why not say: Metaphysical possibility is limited to causality (as defined in Objectivism). As in "Law of identity applied to action". "The nature of an action is caused and determined by the nature of th
  17. Yes Greg, but you reason it out as you are grasping it. As in, it logically makes sense. And it logically would not make sense to deny it. Once you grasped it, isn't it unavoidable, unchangeable in it's "truth"? In other words, isn't "the truth", (not my truth or your truth), independent of my or your consciousness? In that sense, it is unchangeable by any of us. (not that "it" does not change). It is what it is. That is what I am getting at but I would like to say it in a way that people see it and agree with it, but I have not been able to. Now, if the term "axiomatic knowledg
  18. I'm willing to use that but aren't there truth's that are absolute yet not axioms? As in, you know who you are. or A dog barks. or I am here.
  19. And (the proper way of) bringing one's knowledge into alignment with what "is" true, is done via the use of logic. (one filters out that which is not true within one's awareness) Isn't the actuality of "that which is actually true" immutable? As in the truth of it doesn't change. If not, then how does one communicate that the law of identity is absolute. Maybe my words don't communicate that, so how should that be communicated?
  20. Is this a typo. Do you mean "not" omniscient? Why does "Specifying context addresses omniscience, logic fallibility."? Bottom line, isn't a proper epistemology there to make error less likely? (Also, error is possible, not inevitable, but the possibility of error is inevitable)
  21. Is the truth the "contradictions don't exist" mutable? Will that ever change to "some contradictions exist"? That is the context that I am using. In that context, A is A. Anything is itself. That "truth" never changes. This has mostly been a semantic problem so I won't push this further.
  22. A is A at the same time and in the same respect. "The truth of" something is immutable. If I say that the truth is that your name on this forum is 2046, that is the truth, as in it's not true and the false and then true etc. It's either is true or false. Also, the PDF's you linked are unavailable to me. Are there other links?
  23. Knowledge of the truth, awareness of reality, is the awareness of something that is immutable in its identity. A is A implies that it can't change to "A is B". It's reality can't change in that sense.
  24. If it's fundamentally about DNA contribution, do the grandparents own a piece of the action too? What about their rights?
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