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  1. Individuals at the sensory or perceptual level can't have morality or even be working on developing it. Only once an individual reaches a sufficient level of abstraction in the conceptual level can he or she begin developing a morality.
  2. It can be a subjective reaction on Mr. Smith's part to dislike spinach, and at the same time an objective fact that he dislikes it.
  3. You don't think there will be a gradual increase in the number of people who think for themselves, with the increase becoming more rapid as the number increases?
  4. Sauron, Maia who faithfully served a particular Vala for a very long time, was badly disfigured by the fall of Numenor, gave away rings of power which benefited the elves, employed many orcs against whom other races were prejudiced, and brought functioning government to Mordor, passes into the Void at a very great age, due to magical effects and the actions of a conspiracy, with the crucial final blow being due to the actions of Gollum, who was a murderer and sick with evil.
  5. Completely opening borders will not solve everything. Defeating Elizabeth Warren will not solve everything. Repealing the antitrust laws will not solve everything. But each would be a positive step.
  6. Another simple answer is that there's too much statism in the world.
  7. Because it's the minimum display of "good faith"...? The least acknowledgment of what they are gaining in return. Iow, no sacrifice. These seem like pretty weak arguments. Why don't they apply when I cross a state or county line?
  8. I don't have to identify myself to cross a state or county line or for most other movement, or if I pay cash for something in a store. So it is not a special dispensation; it is a normal condition of movement, available to everyone.
  9. We need to distinguish clearly between immigration and citizenship. People who wish to become citizens should have to clearly identify themselves. But people who simply enter the country are not entering into that kind of contract. Why should they have to identify themselves?
  10. The government still wouldn't have the right to impose such restrictions itself. Government is a much greater threat to freedom of movement that a hypothetical banding together of all property owners. What about the right of free access to and from one's own property?
  11. When government manages property or something like property, then regardless of the rights and wrongs of that underlying situation, it should do so in a way that respects rights as much as possible, including the right to freedom of movement.
  12. You've made a good point about the stagnation argument. If I somehow managed to live for a million years, how much would the me of a million years from now have in common with the me now? How much would the me of a million years from now even remember about the me now?
  13. One counterargument mode by some science fiction stories is that it would cause things to stagnate. I'm skeptical of this counterargument, but uncertain.
  14. One possible approach here would be to let everybody in, but document them. On the other hand, a person can start out with an extensive paper trail and human record and then drop off the grid and become untraceable.
  15. Should we be suspicious of people who held gold when it was illegal? Long ago I smoked a marijuana cigarette to see what all the fuss was about. Does this make me likely to violate rights? The reason we have so many people entering the country illegally is that we have arbitrary, unjust laws limiting how many people can enter from what country. Racism played a role in motivating such laws.
  16. We need to distinguish letting people enter the country and letting them be citizens.
  17. I'm guessing this refers to cursive characters, not print ones. Can you provide a link or other way of seeing David Hayes's illustration?
  18. The causes of anything like the outcome of an election are complicated. Mixed-economy statism makes them more complicated. Widespread philosophical confusion makes them more complicated. I heard someone saying recently that Trump's election and Brexit can both be traced to the economic crisis around 2008. I haven't tried to analyze exactly how and why Trump won. How much time and energy should we spend on such analyses, as opposed to trying to teach people good philosophy, and trying to nudge things in better directions?
  19. "You can't get there from here" means "You can't get there directly from here". So if A says X is unknowable, is A saying we must use indirect means to gain knowledge of X?
  20. From the Ayn Rand Lexicon: A unit is an existent regarded as a separate member of a group of two or more similar members.
  21. It might be worth noting that I can't lose weight just by willing myself to lose weight. I may be able to lose weight over a period of time by a program of diet and/or exercise, but not just by willing it.
  22. To what extent should chronological age be the criterion for classifying someone as old-old, young-old, or whatever? Reminds me of a family anecdote. When my parents were in their 20's my Mom described someone as middle-aged. My Dad asked her to judge the man's chronological age. He was probably in his 30's. They decided right then that a middle-aged person is anyone 10 years older than you are.
  23. Sure, we're all going to die, but we all have lives to live until that happens, and it's our lives that are important and meaningful. It doesn't matter how little effect we can have on the surface of the planet Jupiter or on even more distant places, or how many of such places there are, or how big they are. What matters is what effect we can have on our own lives.
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