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  1. We need to resist all threats to civil liberties, no matter where they come from. Another quote from the same Alan Dershowitz interview: And we're seeing extremism on both sides of the political spectrum. And the one thing about extremism is you don't need dissent. You don't need due process if you're an extremist because you know the truth with a capital T.
  2. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-northam-abortion-execute/ https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-virginia-gov-abortion/fact-check-virginia-governors-2019-comments-about-abortion-bill-are-missing-context-idUSKBN27D2HL https://www.factcheck.org/2020/02/meme-misquotes-virginia-governor-on-abortion-bill/
  3. Ambiguous. Is there any clarifying context?
  4. How about the argument that knowledge is gained by a process, and no one can process everything?
  5. Since our fiat money has been totally divorced from specie, this is currently meaningless. We could ask "Do you support a return to the gold standard?" Right now most politicians would probably answer something like "No, that doesn't work." We probably can't get the gold standard back without first doing a lot of teaching. But we may be able to get a balanced budget. A balanced budget would curb inflation and slow the growth of government, thus slowing the slide into destruction and buying us more time to teach the need for limited government.
  6. Unfortunately I did not have time to red your entire post. Even what I did read would probably take a long time to unpack. Here are three points to start with. O'ists do not have to vote for a major party. We can also sit out the election or vote Libertarian. I have done a lot of the latter. Ayn Rand herself advocated the former in at least one case. The strategy is not to make everyone an O'ist. It is to win over enough intellectuals so that Objectivist thinking will dominate public discourse, in which case the social ballast will be guided accordingly. This will take a long time. Many people who read Ayn Rand's novels do so for the story and/or the feeling. It takes work to get the philosophy out of the novels, which most people don't do.
  7. EC, you may be talking about this: https://legal-explanations.com/blog/what-is-gang-stalking/ I also found a Wikipedia article which indicates that people who think they are victims of gang stalking are delusional.
  8. It sounds like your roommate could be responsible for at least some of this. Can you change roommates?
  9. Have you considered fleeing the country?
  10. David Odden, do you think our system of democratic elections and orderly transfers of power will survive?
  11. Have you considered at least emailing the OP to law enforcement? Have you sought legal advice?
  12. Immorality is irrationality, the failure to use one's mind. Using one's mind includes acting on one's conclusions. A neglect to focus can be motivated by cowardice, dishonesty, bitterness, laziness, whim-indulgence ... I didn't put a period because I was not trying to make an exhaustive list.
  13. I am physically able to deliberately and voluntarily stick my hand into the flame of an active gas burner. But I just wouldn't.
  14. Trump threatens, and has damaged, our system of democratic elections and orderly transfer of power. He'll probably do even more if he wins or comes close. If he wrecks our system of democratic elections and orderly transfer of power, we'll be left with a contest of physical force to see who gains office. Whoever wins that contest, having used force to get power, will probably use force to keep it, and we'll have a dictatorship. This is a more immediate threat to our rights than the gradual slide into statism that the current Republican party can only delay and tweak, not prevent. To do my bit to stop Mr. Trump from winning the electoral votes of my state in 2024, I'd vote for H. Biden were he the opposition candidate. (Yes, I said H.) I'd vote for a yellow dog. I'd vote for that apparent serial killer that was recently arrested in Long Island.
  15. Hurd’s post is dated for today, so I don’t understand to which articles you are referring. Articles found by googling the title of Hurd's post. No.
  16. The original articles about Ukraine being a money laundering operation were published in 2001 and 2004. So how is this relevant to the current war?
  17. How is this relevant to the current war?
  18. Aren't all the cul-de-sacs related to one another and to basic principles about such things as cells, DNA, evolution, and the reason for the existence of the whole thing being that it sustains life?
  19. Wouldn't it be possible, at least in principle, to give a unified description of all the properties using quantum mechanics?
  20. Philosophy is not a branch of mathematics.
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