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  1. Any time an old physics is overthrown, it remains a good enough approximation for many situations. Newtonian physics, which was overthrown long ago, remains a good enough approximation for many situations. The physics which is currently being overthrown will remain a good enough approximation for many situations. It will take time to determine exactly what difference the new physics makes.
  2. Walking away from his mother entirely without letting go of JT is not possible. You need to identify which options are possible and then choose one of them.
  3. I presume at some point you'll ask us these questions. I don't believe in a supernatural karmic force that brings people's actions back to them. I do think that irrational actions tend to give bad results and rational actions tend to give good results.
  4. I'm pretty sure there are Objectivist therapists out there. I saw one in New York who is probably retired by now.
  5. You need to get yourself to a point where you can think and act rationally, whether or not you ever get these apologies.
  6. You still have feelings that say you should have killed her. I hope that by now you understand intellectually that killing her would be utterly wrong, and that you can let this intellectual understanding guide your actions. You may need to dig deeper into exactly where your murderous feelings come from. I take it you have more to share about what happened after, and perhaps during, the divorce Did you have to serve time for that felony? Do you have a suspended sentence?
  7. Just in case you still aren't sure whether you were right not to murder Tiffany, here is some more food for thought. I presume you won't actually attend church with your parents. From their point of view, this is breaking a promise on a matter they consider very important. They sound like they might get pretty mad about it, too. I don't know what they are likely to do about it. This is an example of how anger over a broken promise can push in one direction, when a better reaction is to acknowledge the person's decision and to see where to go from there. Is it possible you are fol
  8. I wouldn't blame you if your emotions tell you to say nasty things to your parents, or do worse to them. I would blame you if you let such emotions rule you; emotions are not tools of cognition. Your best approach to your parents for now is probably to have nothing to do with them. When you achieve sufficient clarity, time, and energy, you can ask yourself if they've shown any signs of earning a different approach. I'm not optimistic. If you achieve at least partial custody of JT and/or visitation rights, your parents may want to see their grandchild. If there are legal considera
  9. If you do see a therapist, this is one of the things you should talk about.
  10. Murder is, to put it mildly, an extremely drastic action. Your emotions said to murder her, but emotions are not tools of cognition. Morally, the situation did not justify murder at all. If she were trying to kill you or JT, you might well be justified in killing her as a defensive action, but that wasn't happening. Legally, you might want to ask your lawyer about it, but I have a high degree of confidence that the law would be extremely unsympathetic to murder.
  11. Your experience reminds me of people being brainwashed or tortured after being captured by Communists. I don't know if looking at it that way is helpful or not; it's just a thought.
  12. I trust you've been discussing the ADD medication issue with at least one doctor. More than one might be a good idea.
  13. Everything has a background process. Gold's background process includes: Supernova explosions create gold and other heavy elements. Some of this gold has ended up in the earth. Humans find and mine the gold.
  14. I don't know whether I should say anything without seeing the rest of the story, but I'll take a stab at it. My apologies if the rest renders this inappropriate, redundant, inadequate, or irrelevant. What I'm reading is that the problem can be summarized as 1. You've arrived at a vision for your life. 2. Tiffany, because of her flaws, does not fit into this vision. 3. You and Tiffany must fit together in some manner because you have a child together. Easy Truth has given a good statement of the key issue you must successfully deal with to minimize the damage
  15. I certainly hope the prosecution presents some facts, at least eventually. Even if their factual case turns out to be weak, at least it would show some respect. Could the prosecution be starting out with feelings to appease political pressure?
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