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  1. Wouldn't it be better to get some evidence about the particular study or authors, rather than just making an assumption?
  2. Authors of the study in the CIDRAP article: Lead author Oliver Watson, PhD, Co-first author Gregory Barnsley, MSc. The study AIER criticized was led by Neil Ferguson. Why assume that what applies to one would apply to the other?
  3. Assuming the article you posted is correct, how is this relevant to the articles Boydstun posted from other sources than Imperial College, or to the quality or reliability of Lancet?
  4. Another reason omniscience is impossible is that knowledge is gained by a process, and no one can process everything. If we define infallibility as immunity from making mistakes, we have a different question from the one DavidOdden answered. I still think the answer is no, but I'm not ready right now to give a good explanation.
  5. So what? Death rates among the vaccinated were a lot less than among the unvaccinated. This applies both to the earlier rates when nobody had been vaccinated and to the later rates among the people who remained unvaccinated. Total covid deaths after the roll out is not a very meaningful statistic because a lot of people remained unvaccinated.
  6. I don't like to spend a lot of time watching videos, but I watched a little over 19 minutes. This doesn't fit very well with the actual experience using the vaccines, which saved a lot of lives, so I'm skeptical.
  7. There are legitimate reasons for the military to be involved in preventing and treating disease.
  8. How many SARs were filed against the Trump Crime Family? Is it possible to engage in extensive financial activity without generating SARs?
  9. Doug Morris


    The contents of their brain can spread to others; there's no telling how far this will go. The contents of anyone's brain may well affect their actions; there's no telling how far the consequences will go. There's an open-ended potential for this to come around and affect our interests.
  10. It still puts the documents at risk and still interferes with any legitimate use that might be needed. It's still criminal. Did any of the investigators or prosecutors say it was money?
  11. This requires a more detailed analysis. Lviv is pretty far west.
  12. Your map needs work. You could start by showing Lviv, the path of the Russian missile, and where the countermissile was fired from.
  13. Where the economy was the main issue, Republicans did well. Where abortion or the stolen-election lie was the main issue, Democrats did well. All three can be interpreted as people voting for freedom, although perhaps we should be cautious in drawing conclusions about what is in the minds of most voters.
  14. That there are still a lot of people who blindly follow Trump and vote in Republican primaries, but not enough for Trump's stolen election nonsense to fly in the general election.
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