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  1. thanks for clarification but the sake of better understanding ayn rand's Philosophy what would be her definition of free will and how does it play into her Philosophy
  2. From what I have heard the is a scientific consensus that free will doesn't exist, many point to this as a huge proof of the falseness objectivism.
  3. I'm trying saying if there is no free will that system of moral blame must not be used, instead asking how big of a role that person played and if that person causes future risk in the act to happen again and act accordingly.
  4. this argument seems pointless whether man has free will or not, because you come to the same conclusions on the negatives and positives of man's actions regardless the outcome. If a bolder is rolling of over children you still stop it from rolling over more children and hate for doing so regardless of the fact it has no free will. the positive Aesthetics of a natural forest isn't affected by the fact it wasn't man made.
  5. Reason is the most effective tool to achieve anything, just look at the computer you are using to start this thread.
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