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  1. What can be said about Henry Cameron's drinking 'problem'? Was it psychological or chemical? I don't think there are two categories of addiction - because virtually all chemical addictions have a psychological root cause. Addiction is a psychological problem, period.
  2. Hello folks, I've discovered this site today and am extremely excited. I'm already through a couple of postings in the other forums: 1. One on Law & Order TV Series that I've initiated in the Intellectuals & Media forum 2. And another in response to a poll about Depression & Objectivists. You'll find a lot of personal historical content in #2. I hope to be a long lasting member of this community. So let me know if there are any tricks of the trade (other than those documented) that can help me get on the way! Thanks in advance, Mahendra
  3. Would like to know what your theory is. I'm clinically diagnosed as having "recurrent depressive disorder". I have suffered clinical depression about 10-12 times so far. What has this got to do with Objectivism? I studied Rand's fictional works when I was 15-17 years of age. During that time, I also studied major philosophical works, getting deeply engrossed in philosophy. A thorough study of Rand's non-fictional works followed. Then, I had what I then called a "clarity explosion" after reading ITOE. After reading ITOE in 1992 while living in a remote country, I could not relate to any of my social contacts - relatives or friends. I was completely alienated. Coupled with relationship issues, I suffered my first clinical depression which lasted for almost 2 years. I suffered intellectual alienation of the worst kind. In 1995, I travelled abroad and experienced the Internet. I discovered the MDOP lists and found that there were other objectivists out there. This helped me come out of my depression. The doctors never realized what had actually cured me. But I was also becoming an alcoholic. I then returned to my home country and tried to live a normal life. But relationship problems have plagued me since then. Intellectual isolation and alienation have been my enemies that I have struggled with. Nathaniel Branden's divergent essays on Objectivism sparkled interest but only to some extent. I persisted in my Objectivist beliefs. Living in a remote country, where socialist and religious beliefs dominate day to day life, can be very daunting. My first marriage lasted for 4 years but ended in a divorce. My wife was an intellectual in many ways, but was an environmentalist. After the divorce, I had virtually given up on life. Now, I am married again, to a new wife. She is a very promising girl with an open mind and loves me very much. I have also found a new shrink who himself is an admirer of Objectivism - and that is what gives me hope. But I am still on medication - not anti-depressants, but what they call 'mood-stabilizers'. My shrink believes he can get me off of them as well. Meanwhile, I am leading a successful professional life. Apologies for the long post. I thought if I reply, I must do so honestly, and in full. Thanks for reading!
  4. Thanks. To clarify, I am specifically referring to "Law & Order" the original, not its derivative series. This is because none of the derivative series (SVU, CI, etc.) focus on courtroom drama at all. Law & Order shows 30 min of detective action and 30 min of courtroom action. This involves integration between the two and ofen involves ambiguities over the roles of these (legitimate) public servants. This is another interesting aspect that I didn't point out in my original post. None of the derivative series has really dealt with ethics and law to the extent Law & Order does. Once again, thanks for your response!
  5. Excuse me if I'm posting a question already discussed or posting in the wrong forum - this is my first post. I'd like to know how Objectivists rate the TV Series "Law & Order". I like watching the series because: 1. It generates ingenuous situations in which applying Objectivist ethics is interesting. 2. It upholds the Law - which in most cases, involves ruthless application of justice rising over and beyond subjective emotionalism. Or irrational 'causes' like Environmentalism. 3. In the situations where the Law isn't objective or moral, it shows the characters on the law-enforcement side being caught in a conflict (thought not necessarily always so). 4. In the situations where the law-enforcement individuals hold irrational religious beliefs, it shows the conflict they go through to impose the Objective (and moral) Law. 5. It upholds Individuality over race, ethnicity, sexual preference, and level of education. I dislike watching the series at times where: 1. Religious or 'Social' values (or the "public good") over-ride Individual rights. 2. Sometimes it gets frustrating when the Law doesn't support objectivist principles. 3. It can get to feel that crime is a commonplace and 'to-be-expected' fact of human nature. 4. Deals are made with criminals to catch other criminals. I wonder what are your thoughts?
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