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  1. Vacuum. Pure absence of being doesn't sound good from my perspective. aahe
  2. I fully understand what you are saying about nothingness and it does seem completely impossible. On the other hand, if we look at it in the sense that to appreciate "something" we have to recognize and appreciate "nothing" as well. As in there must be one to appreciate the concept of the other. What are your thoughts on this and any application to quantum physics if any? and "be open to the idea that every possible answer to every possible question is probable... until proven otherwise". A quote I wrote some time ago.
  3. You are absolutely right. After really reading what I had written saying "nothing" was not a good word to use. There seems to always be "something" that exits at all times whether we are aware of it or not.
  4. I was hoping to get a response from you concerning this topic. I feel you are a very perceptive person and can help me to better evaluate this position. What do you mean by non-air? I am speaking at a quantum level there is basically nothing. Please explain your position.
  5. If at the center of matter there is basically nothing but empty space. What does that mean with relation to something existing out of essentially nothing.
  6. That is a really cute joke. It was nice of you to not take complete credit too.
  7. Funny guy! Actually it is quite an old movie-cary grant. Has nothing to do with baseball - deceiving title. It is a very touching of course "true story". babe ruth plays himself in a bit part of this movie. I am a sucker for a good old fashioned black and white and so if you want to impress a girl and show her your soft side this is a great movie to cuddle up to.
  8. Pride of the Yankees ( a story about Lou Gehrig and really a true love story)and Birth of a Legend (the story of Pistol Pete). It is difficult to narrow down. There are so many. Billy Elliot was wonderful as well (pursuing ones dream).
  9. Is it possible to view determinism as something that exists? Everytime we exlude a possibility: we limit ourselves to answers.
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