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  1. Parcells did coach in Dallas before Wade Phillips, which is a perfect reason for him to come back there. He's familiar with a lot of the talent, management, and way things are done there. In my opinion, the Cowboys need a GM that will spurn a massive turnaround in their management philosophy. There is a clause in Parcells' contract with Miami that if the team is sold, he has the option to leave the team along with huge bonuses. Because of the election of Obama, the owner is selling the team before he has to pay huge capital gains taxes. From what I've read in many news stories about it, Pa
  2. There is absolutely no chance this will happen. Sure, the Cowboys collapsed in a rather bad way at the end of the year, but it's not because of the players. The Cowboys arguably have one of the strongest collections of offensive talent in the NFL, yet they failed to make the playoffs because of horrible coaching and team management. Any good coach would have firmly punished T.O. for all the bickering, finger-pointing, and back-talking. Along with significant injuries to Romo and Barber, T.O. clearly threw a wrench into the machine. Furthermore, Jerry Jones put so much pressure on players like
  3. Did you guys not see the same film that I did?! I thought it was fantastic. Great acting, great plot, and very specific moral conflict. It has a few flaws, but still, I take what I can get. As for the claim that the movie didn't know what it was about, or what its message was, spoilers ahead...... I am so tired of seeing Objectivists whose judgment is completely clouded by dogmatic moralizing and cynical nitpicking.
  4. It always astounds me how two people can see the same movie and have completely different reactions. I really enjoyed Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Spoilers ahead.... As for some of your other concerns, I was happy to see Harrison Ford in his first decent role since Air Force One over 10 years ago. I loved how the film handled the first reveal of our return to his character, and I was immediately struck by how he felt exactly like the Indiana Jones of old. You are right that the plot is not strong, but has it ever been for an Indiana Jones film? The essence has
  5. After skimming over the debate so far, I felt the strong urge to come to Gabo's defense. I saw Speed Racer this past weekend and loved it. Let me start out by saying that reaction to a film depends quite significantly on expectations. Before going in, I knew that the film had an anti-business tone, as I also know that the overwhelming majority of films have explicitly stated philosophies with which I would disagree. So, I went in specifically to enjoy the sense of life, and the aesthetic qualities of the film. On both fronts, it is an amazing work. The film is like a living cartoon, with l
  6. I completely agree! Finally, for once, the brilliant scientist, industrialist, inventor, businessman is the HERO! Tony Stark has pieces of all the heroes of Atlas Shrugged, especially Hank Rearden. Fantastic film!
  7. Hehe guys, why are you so quick to rip this guy apart. Umm, April Fools?
  8. Ok I'll eat crow. KevinDW and Athena, you were right.
  9. Thank you all for your responses! I'm sorry that I never responded to any of them until now. Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of the New York Film Academy? It's a school with intensive one and two year programs for directing, screenwriting, acting, etc. Thanks for your help!
  10. KevinDW, Could you actually consider that there is a motive behind this that isn't irrational? I understand condemning a play at attention when it's clear that is what's happening, but I'm tired of Objectivists that are too quick to judge before any facts are in.
  11. I'm sure I speak for most of us when I say that any information you can tell us would in fact be greatly appreciated! I like IntolerantMan's idea of using a digital disguise (or some kind of stand-in). That would allow for the possibility of casting a well-known actor as Galt in secret without his identity being revealed too early in the movie. However, it would likely take a gargantuan effort to keep that actor's participation a secret, just due to the legion of people who dedicate their lives to following celebrities and such. Oh and despite a few cranky people, most of us are nice!
  12. "This is John Galt speaking." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_qQt9IrUc0...DE8&index=0 I just came upon this series today which dramatizes Galt's speech. It uses an excellent audiobook recording combined with video and wonderful music. Parts 5-11 are particularly well done. I've really enjoyed these!
  13. For the past year I've been trying to find one pursuit that I can pour all of my passion into and develop as a career. I went to college at a liberal arts university, and double majored in philosophy and history. I had intended to become a philosophy professor, but towards the end of my college experience I became extremely disenchanted with the prospects of being a part of philosophy in academia. Since that development, my strongest love is music, specifically orchestral works. For over a year now my highest dream has been to conduct a professional symphony orchestra. I regularly attend p
  14. As a matter of fact, I'll be seeing Williams conduct the New York Philharmonic on September 14th! I am excited beyond words!
  15. Moebius, I appreciate the honest criticism. It's the best way to improve! Unfortunately I'm an amateur, and at present lack the equipment to really achieve the kind of photographic manipulation that you're talking about. Most of my best shots from that album I was able to take with the DSLR of a friend. I'm incredibly anxious to experiment and perfect my photography, but I almost feel like it's not worth doing until I have a decent camera. I really like your advice about variety. I first developed my love of photography because I loved walking through NYC and wanted to capture those
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