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  1. you are right the $ is in security not as much as the jobs themselves...good idea about the library board! Our town and the library go hand in hand (town hall was closed today as well - and the dump) so maybe more involvement in town gvt in general would be the ticket-thanks for the tip. It is a fairly wealthy new england town that I live in (I myself dont make much money at all) the correlation between that and the fact they have so many days off-I think I am missing something in what you are saying...? Thanks!
  2. Just a gripe-I drove all the way to the library today to find it closed (I am in the US)-it is a so called town 'vacation' day I come to find out-other surrounding towns were open for business and we received the us mail-I dont know how these people get away with giving themselves vacation days- Government jobs used to be among the lowest paying-now they are the most sought after well paid and most secure..it seems the same everywhere with gvt jobs-heck I had to work Christmas day! just venting I am pissed right now
  3. thanks for clarifying your point - it makes total sense. I really need to think alot on this thread but I am glad I started it. ty again Pam
  4. I am not understanding this sentence. thanks.
  5. OK you are saying be cordial not the person's bff-makes sense-thanks
  6. I dont take it that way at all-I appreciate all the posts here, they helped me clarify a few things. Now time to take a look at the ways I can maybe change (but I am perfect so I dont know what I can do...lol NOT)
  7. I can see now (thanks all) there IS a difference between kissing up and being pleasant to work with-I never thought of that before and appreciate the idea. I do customer service over the phone right now. Sometimes yes I do blame others before looking at myself first-that is human nature no? Re: Ayn Rand-none of her noble characters ever seemed particularly personable-some were actually quite antisocial with people they didnt value...another thread maybe... thanks!
  8. This is great-I appreciate all the replies will respond later-have to to go work what I do (hopefully it is temporary) -I posted on another thread in this category
  9. I know this may sound simplistic but why do people who "kiss butt" rise so far when a good amount of the time they are obviously incompetent and don't add value to the company? There have been so many times in my work life where the favor goes to the person who strokes egos more than the person who efficiently produces (I am thinking the favor is given by one who is of the same mold though) Do you believe sooner or later it evens out and competence prevails? I have never seen that happen unfortunately. Sometimes I don't see the point in doing your best in any situation but I still do my best....to a point. I am not sure... Thanks
  10. Thank you all-I am looking at (this pretty bad) job with a perspective now that I couldnt find on my own.
  11. Hi, My current job is doing telephone customer service for a mail order company. I do not feel I am servicing the customers well at all because I am not provided the information they need when they call-why hasnt my order shipped? when will it be shipped ? etc My supervisors tell me to tell the caller I cant provide them with that information they need to wait for an email saying their order has been shipped-if they ask for a supervisor I have to tell them none is available. The only options I can give them is wait or cancel. Needless to say it leaves me aggravated and the caller angrier than when they started. I need the job and am looking for another but for now there seems to be nothing so I am stuck here-how can I rectify this in my mind within the ideas of Objectivism? I am just not seeing how... Thanks for reading if you did.
  12. I use Win7 64bit too and have the issue in both IE and Firefox-I don't really want anything related to google downloaded on my pc but if it starts to annoy me alot I will try it. Thanks!
  13. Has anyone had display issues when upgrading to windows7? some web pages come up for me with large margins on the left and right and narrow content in the middle, this is one of those webpages unfortunately. I have Googled the issue and others have the same problem but I cannot find a solution for it. Has anyone here encountered the same issue and perhaps has a remedy? Thanks!
  14. I dont understand how anyone who even remotely identifies with Objectivism can vote democratic this coming Tuesday...
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