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  1. What do you think of this www.new-utopia.com Do the rules fit Objectivism ? How many want to move there ? (Corrected spelling- softwareNerd)
  2. But doesn't that also control the mind? that at least have to make some right to your own neurology booster (like Redbull) like you have the right to your own property because since it control our mood and action how can we then be free and what about that day everybody can buy their own mix at seven eleven to justify/make possible your own action or new better logical thinking? [Fixed spelling, but can't figure out what was intended in order to fix grammar. - Felipe]
  3. what abut LSD that expand your mind and is not drugs if not used to much like walk in the woods after hard rational work ?(get a quit moment to rest and new ideas)
  4. what abut gens? and brain chemicals ? (will it not mean that you aslo need the rhigt to good genteherapy and smart drugs just like you have the rhigt over your private propety ?) soory 2. lanuges are enghlis
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