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  1. Though I'm unaware of how many UK or more specifically London based Objectivists use this forum, I would be willing to chair a forum for whichever of the two made sense.
  2. I reckon the final book will see Harry & his allies go after the remaining horcruxes, and having destroyed most of them come face to face with Voldemort and realize he is the last horcrux - the scar and all that, the last remaining bit of Voldemort's essense...and he'll then sacrifice himself for the greater good.
  3. Perhaps we should have a spoiler thread - Im pretty sure how the Harry/Voldemort situation will play out in the final book and I think it involves self-sacrifice. Anyone interested can PM me.
  4. Well thats an interesting theory - the Police have described the CCTV images of the 4 men at Kings Cross station arriving in London that morning - they were apparently just chatting in a fairly relaxed manner. Also - one of these men was a 19 yr old, whilst another was a primary school teacher - of whom pictures of him helping a girl in class have been realeased. Pictures of these men released have not even shown any sign of Islamic clothing or adages. The fourth man was a Jaimaican....though it doesn't say whether he was a convert (BBC is my source for all this). That does raise the question
  5. With this I could not agree more. I have just found out it is now official - the terrorists who hit London were British (of Pakistani ancestry). Apparently these were youths (possibly as young as 19) from West Yorkshire - in Bradford & Leeds. The racial atmosphere is very tense around there and there have been some very violent riots in the last few years (the British National Party is also very active there, white British facists). Its saddening that they should bring their hatred to perhaps one of the world's most racially integrated and culturally diverse cities - London. I love
  6. Having said that, I wouldn't mind if someone snuck in Mecca one night and blew up that damn rock when no ones around! That might hurry up the demise of religion without violating any rights - after all 'Allah' owns it!
  7. I take your point Felipe, but living where I do (London), I know a lot Muslims take offence to the terrorists being identified as Islamist. They would say that to a live a life in good accordance with the word of Mohammed, is to be Islam. However much I may disagree with that word, it alone is no mandate for such a level of violence as has been supported here. I think there needs to be a clearer distinction, and I suggest people look into it to understand what makes a terrorist (of the 911 variety), what makes a Muslim/Islamist, how these differ and what are the nature of the links between the
  8. It is disputable. The values do not necessarily or inevitably lead to destructive barbaric actions. The majority of Islamic people (known as Muslims) are not interested in violent conquest. Also your using a tautology here - to be a Muslim is to follow Islam. So what you've just said is Most muslims either are or sympathise with terrorists. Think again. I was going to ask you following the first point; needless to say I disagree - Islamist does not mean killing or converting all who don't follow the doctrines, though granted their are sects within that broad category that do believe th
  9. This is a fair point in so much as there is a difference between the two terms. If you like, replace white man with 'Christian' - a lot of Christians would be deeply offended to hear themselves implicated in these hypothetical lynchings when it was a radical protestant sect, the KKK. I think you get the point I'm making. Im not even attempting to solve the problem of terrorism in itself - I'm addressing the problem of sympathy with terrorists in some disillusioned Muslim youths and the problems misused terminology causes when people blame all Islam for terrorism. I do however think th
  10. For the record I haven't alluded to any 'American Guilt' as the cause of 'Islamic terrorism'. Al Queda is quite clearly carrying these attacks out with a view to their vision of global theocracy and out of irrational hatred. When I see these lists and accusation, as I often do in some papers, I think its like describing a lynching spree in a southern state as 'white people hang to death X number of black Texans on June 17th 1923'. Which is totally offensive to any half reasonable white man. The incident would more accurately be described 'Klu Klux Klan members hung to death X number o
  11. Yes Tommy, but thats like judging the US by its Government, Wackos & religious organizations. (I appreciate those are often synonymous !) There's more to people and culture than that, and as Ariana pointed out, its not all fanatical religious hatred amongst the population - alot of its colonial baggage (with a view to Europe) and past misguided interference of our governments in their areas.
  12. Well, since Nixon went to China or Krushchev visited the states we have lived increasingly in an age of real politik where leaders with only their power in common have been able to sit on the same couch and drink from the same bottle, rendering the moral and political state of their respective nation states as mere scenery to the perks of statemanship. Foreign policy has long been essentially pragmatic, achieving convenient ends in such a way that one doesn't knock the status quo too much. I agree, its pretty small minded to think nuking Islamic or Arab cities is a way to solve a p
  13. Please give an example of a Jihadist city? The London terrorists almost certainly originated from inside the UK, the Midlands they think. Do you suggest we bomb Birmingham?
  14. In terms of a wake up call, I don't think this will have an immediate effect on policy, but it may well change MPs approach to things like the ID cards bill, and influence the Governments reactions in future international incidents. The prime effect will probably be on the population - stopthewar groups possibly losing any widespead public support.
  15. These attacks were not directly related to the Olympic announcement - they were too well coordinated, and must have been planned well in advance of that announcement. It is more likely that they were timed for the G8 than ready to go off in any Olympic city. The aim of these bombings is unclear - casualties are relatively low when compared to US & Spain, the damage to transport infrastructure is also limited - most tubes are up and running (Except the circle line). The only thing they have definetely achieved is new coverage and they've hit us when we're on an Olympic high. In liu of t
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