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  1. I have more respect for the Mafia than the Occupy [Places] movement. The Mafia do not pretend to be champions of virtue and humanity in quite such a deceptive and offensive way. When they fuck you over, they are honest about it, they admit to fucking you over. They dont pretend to be doing it to save mankind. Given they are not spreading around a virulent ideological plague, they are also about a billion times less destructive.

    1. Thor


      Agreed. Though of course I do not agree with the workings of organized crime, I do see where you're coming from. Your statement also applies to most politicians insofar as I am concerned. They, too, can be much worse than the mob.

      I believe the national debt has now reached fifteen trillion dollars?

      But the politicians can't be the only ones to blame for all this. We can also blame the apathetic American citizens who do not understand how their government i...

    2. mdegges
  2. "You know, there is something [wonderful ] about a man that can lick his own back...". Yeah, except its not wonderful, its really creepy and you are insane if you find this appealing. This has got to be...one of the most disturbingly idiotic movie lines ever.

    1. Black Wolf

      Black Wolf

      The best part about this is, I thought this was the opener for a profound idiom.

    2. patrik 7-2321
  3. Random Person # 42 : "Well, what if you are *wrong* and there is a God? You are going to roast in Hell then? Can you afford to take that chance?" Me : "Well if there is some other God that will put you in some other place like Hell, just because you believe in God? Can you afford to take that chance" Random Person #42 : "That is absurd!" Me : "Yes, you are right, your claim is absurd. I am glad you noticed." [ Conversation ends with opponent looking indignant ]

  4. "Les Miserables is not about the policeman, it is about Jean Valjean : The victim of a monstrous injustice, a man that helps people, makes enormous sacrifices." *rolls eyes*

    1. Tomer Ravid

      Tomer Ravid

      A real quote: "The Fountainhead is a novel about a man who follows his truth even at the cost of self-sacrifice."

      I got a better idea:

      Howard Roark: Follows his own heart no matter what.

      Peter Keating: Greedy, selfish, Jewish capitalist.

      Ellsworth Toohey: Supposedly altruist, but it's just fiction. Represents the fact that USSR was called "communist" but it isn't really.

      Dominique: Oh, she's pretty neat, I guess.

  5. Unfortunately for all the progress Objectivism has made : It still has a long way to go in many "circles". At least in terms of people having the slightest ability to understand anything Ayn Rand has written. Too many people seem to read it and walk away without a CLUE as to what any of it really means. I suppose the modern education system and its multilation of brains would do that.

    1. ttime


      You're awesome.

  6. I wonder what would be easier : Making the current generation of politicians think or building intelligent and rational androids from scratch and having them take over? The politicians often make me wonder if the the latter is not easier.

    1. Tomer Ravid

      Tomer Ravid

      Exactly the same: impossible. I mean, aren't politicians androids at all?

  7. "There is nothing more enthralling, exhilirating, and cathartic than the organic, exuberant, effervescent behaviors that are released when you are thoroughly conditioned into public apathy. There is a whimsical joy in walking up to a complete stranger and speaking seriously to them: "I have something very important to tell you: Dave Chappelle is the granddaughter of Jesus Christ"." - WTH? I do not even know what exactly this suggests, but I am deeply disturbed by it.

  8. anyone else here tried to use Avast antivirus on Win 7 these days? SEems to cause a lot of issues (especially on x64), or is it must on my system?

    1. Snow_Fox


      I have been using Avast with win 7 x64 for quiet a while now with no particular issues.

  9. my last message is to be ignored. I NEVER fail to log off when I use university computers, or tell it to save passwords automatically. The last message was (barring FB deciding I told it to save my password anyway), a hack.

    1. WeDontNeedGod


      its ok to admit a mistake ;)

  10. Look, I learn how to track mosquitoes in my Calc 2 class : Question 2. [8 marks] Suppose that a mosquito flies with acceleration given by a(t) = ( 2 sin t) i + (2 cos t) k at time t. Its initial velocity is v(0) = 2i + 5j. (a) Find the velocity of the mosquito at time t. (B) Determine the total distance traveled by the mosquito from t = 0 to t = pi. How useful...

    1. Tomer Ravid

      Tomer Ravid

      Oh, I didn't know that I can solve calculus II stuff. (a) One should integrate the acceleration for t and add v(0) instead of the constant; (B) Simply distance of the two points in the double integral according to Pythagoras' Theorem and with no requirement to consider the constant.

      But maybe it is the mosquito which gives me inspiration: once it attempts to string me I will take it easy and derive its position. P,S., as I squash it and it collapses to the ground, is that an asym...

  11. What do you calll unoriginal calculus work? Derivative. Why did the dyslexic priest hate trigonometry? Cos the priest had read that trig was a whole load of sine.

    1. Black Wolf

      Black Wolf

      Not even I got that last one

  12. #include int main() { printf("goodbye, dad\n"); return 0; }

  13. I had forgotten how much Deep Space Nine smashed you over the head with the fact that the Klingons were space Vikings. Damn you writers! I liked the Klingions from TOS, you know, before they came animalistic savages.

  14. Yeah, forums where the staff are allowed to blatently break their own rules without consequences, while trying to rationalize punishing others that *do not * even do so : Pretty stupid.

  15. Seriously : How can anyone believe that in the Star Trek Next Generation era, the Federation is a capitalist socieity? They do not have money as we know it, "intelligent" Federation military leaders are baffled by the concepts of banking and investment both, they live in some sort of crazy alleged utopia which has no sign of large-scale private enterprise, a legal system which punishes citizens *before* they commit crimes ( according to the implications of what Picard has said ), they claim...

  16. The essence of every freaking Star Trek : The Next Generation episode : "Captain, we are in some sort of weird situation which we could have easily avoided if we were not reckless idiots and if we showed the slighest trace of ever actually learning from our alleged military and scientific experience!" "Let me try to talk my way out of it! Nobody can resist my sexy British accent!" .... "Captain, it nearly worked , even though you simply paraphrased Shakespeare and threw in Federation prop...

  17. is on his computer , connected to the internet via his Android. Fun stuff...

  18. Look random internet people : I know it might seem tempting to think that everyone you talk to online is an American. But really a lot of people are not. So please do not get indignant when they do not know a certain fact about US law/history that you assume they should know. While it is sometimes / often useful to know some basic facts about such, most non-US citizens do not need to know a great deal about this ( unless they are planning to move there ). It makes no sense to accuse th...

  19. If Star Trek is anything to go by : Warships will not need armour-plating. Why have this when you use energy shielding? Energy shilelding which can be proven not to work in a large range of situations and which has pointless weaknesses to certain frequencies? Especially when it is almost always penetrated in any serious battle. Much better to have a ship which is very vulnerable to physical damage than to put some metal plates on the outside. That way Scotty and the other engineers gets to s...

  20. Got to love TV writers logic. Apparently they think that their characters are silly enough to think that a * painting* of a fabled city proves that actually once existed. Cause people cant paint fablede cities that do not actually exist? LOL!

  21. I am *hoping* that the following experiences I have had with some Apple fans is just a "freak thing" and that this is not common : I have noticed a tendency for Apple fans to jump to conclusions if you mention that you do not really care that much for Apple products or if you point out that they are just not what a large number of other users care about. They seem to take this as an attack on Apple or equivalent to me saying Apple stuff is really bad or that I think nobody should buy it...

  22. So , apparently [some] "tranhumanists" assume that advanced human-level ( or beyond ) AI is not only possible ( despite the total lack of evidene for this) but practically inevitable. Not only that, they think t hat if we are not careful, our AI machiens will take over the Universe. Not to mention, the whole thing about being " so advanced ethat one cannot be said to be human" anymore is meaningless nonsense. "Human" indicates that an organism is part of a particular species. As long as o...

  23. "The brain is like a muscle. When it is in use we feel very good. Understanding is joyous. " - Carl Sagan Some people do not like exercising though :(

  24. Gee, its a good thing Starfleet has security , especially given the secuirty officers can be easily beaten up by a 8 month pregnant woman...

  25. Ayn Rand said that there were Galts in her day. The fact that today so many of my friends are celebrating her birthday with such exaltation proves that there still are. If there are to be any in the future then good philosophy must triumph before it is forgotten.

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