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  1. There is of course the great Gilbert and Sullivan. I have yet to see any of it, but the music is great!
  2. Yes, he should be a great advisor! I will of course post fliers when the club is formed, and will welcome non-objectivists! I may even get approval to post some fliers now to look for officers for the club. And I will be asking Dr. Garmong to mention it in class. I have already contacted ARI some, and they offer alot of help still. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone! I am starting an objectivist club at Austin Community College, in Austin Texas. I ahve an advisor (Dr. Robert Garmong in fact). However, my school requires four founding officers it seems. I have myself, but still require three others. If anyone is a student at ACC, and is interested, I would love to know! Also, anyone who is not interested in being an officer, but still is interested, feel free to contact me as well.
  4. Has anyone seen brothers grim yet? Without giving anything away, is it good?
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