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  1. um. The co2 we released chokes people doens't it?
  2. It's objectivism. I bet they used too much ideas to go off topic again and these ideas cannot prove true because it do not generally fit every situation and explain its excepetions. I do not think they know enough to write as detail as that.
  3. Thanks for the correction. I'm a little rusty on words and quotes. But it is true that the smoke is not what you called great for people.
  4. I suppose physical have something to do with it. If you want to achieve some goal such as winning a war, you have to have some physical ability. The other example is for defensive means when someone is in a dangerous jobs. Cops sometimes face dangers and they need to be fit. To be smart, you definetely need some physical ability, but some can manage without it. If you have physical ability, you are able to accept more overwhealming facts and ideas, and to learn and intercept more. Suggestions: dictionaries are not that reliable to define wisdom. Some wisdom is totally optional and opinion like. We have street smarts, wise in battle, smart in logic, creativily smart in spatiale, and right part of your brain and etc.
  5. they simply call these 'theroies' because it's a title. These 'theroies' and 'cells' are words given to things people can prove correctly (most of them ). Except some astrological ones. We are still not really, really, sure if our universe is exploded from a dot. But so far its good.
  6. woooo.... imortality. The way to live forever. No, tuck everlasting even got some values for that matter. Unless you live the greatest life on the planet for the timeless of all times.
  7. It might be the CCF's in the air or it might be a warming of the earth. Earth have certain periods to suddenly have climate changes that happen before the destruction of an ancient civilization. There had been proofs that people uses cars, these fumes which is also harmful to the ozone layer. As the oils run out, hopefully this will be solved. The real truth to this thing is that people do not realize the real carbon, that is, how the carbon cycle suppose to really work. Sure, they understand how coal is formed by compression. But when they are inventing something, they never thought about what would happen to the coal. When they burn the coal, they do not think the coal's gas state will harm the ozone layer or choke some sick old man. I think the solution to the CO2 is to quicken the compression of coal and other fossil fuels by expanding research in the science fields. For the rest, ban the use of CCF, I hope it's right. And invent a solar and electric powered car or increase the efficency by improving catalysts. You could try the combinations too. Of course, we also need new ways to power our lights. As I am currently not old enough, I hope the grown ups, and adults will do something before we get cancer from the sun or choke from too much fumes. This is likely to happen in the future's future. I'm not sure if it is CCF or CFC or CFF. Please correct the case. Thank you
  8. nuclear reactor is a great source of power that we know little except it is great in its destruction or power. Therefore, it is not safe to start with. There are newer ones such as fusion that people hope to use. Considering the scientists have yet to prove this is too safe, I think the most stable force is better to be an electric powered with solar panels as the most unpoluted, safe and powerful energy to use.
  9. Sometimes people exaggerates a lot to get what they want. They might mean actually 0%. If someone spend all the government money on the buildings, the country will be poor. There has to be a way when the money goes in and out. It is also that your friend is a little bit right. Well, for the majority part, republicans might and might not know how to spend their money. Some do. Maybe republicans under the education of non-republicans, or raised by non-republican parents. It is also true that some people who are republican get to know how to spend the money even without that kind of education. I think he meant the majority. Sometimes people forgets details in their statements.
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