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    I just picked this book up Wednesday night. I finished it Thursday night. This is an incredible book. This woman is truly heroic. Her story is fascinating, and the transformation she made is astounding. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a prime example of a person using reason to change her life. I highly recommend this book. I hope to find The Caged Virgin this weekend. Ayaan is currently working in the US at AEI, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. You can read some of her short articles there. Although Ayaan stresses how the world needs to wake up and see how poorly Islam treats woman, and how dangerous this religion is, she also asserts in her book that the reason it is like this is because of the lack of respect for individual rights. By the time I got to the later portion of the book, I had to keep checking the cover - is Ayaan or Ayn talking? I was worried when I started this could be just another activist that is only concerned with women's rights, but that isn't the case at all. She makes a great case against a way a lot of Western countries become too tolerant of evil acts, defending their lack of inaction by "respecting" a groups cultural roots. This book is easy to read, and I had a hard time putting it down. I encourage anyone that has time to pick up the book from their local book store or library. It truly is worth reading. I just bought her first book "The Caged Virgin" yesterday afternoon, and I am now reading it. I am interested in others that have read the book and what their thoughts are?
  2. Dorian, Hello! I have been attending NTOS for about a year and a half. I attend with my husband and 5 kids. While, sure it does have a large membership of people over 30, we do have a great group of younger people as well. My son is only 16, and he sometimes got a little bored in the beginning, but he has since warmed up to the group quite a bit, since some of the members that are a few years older them him have been great about reaching out to him. I agee, that there is some discourse on the message board that is sometimes disheartening. However, let me assure that it is worth checking out. Only a small percentage of the actually attendees even post. There is sometimes disagreements, but overall it is an extremely positive experience. Please don't judge the group over just what you will see on the NTOS metup board. Even myself and my husband have gotten into some of the more serious debates, but most of people that participate are pretty reasonable. I have even changed my mind on one or two things since I started attended because of a discussion on the board, but mostly discussions at the group. When my husband I first started attending, we didn't know what Objectivism was. For us, it put us on the path of studying Objectivism, which of course has, I think, really changed our lives for the better in many ways. For someone that is already familiar with Objectivism, I think it can give you a place to socialize with people that "get it". Quite a nice oaisis, especially in the land of the bible belt hahah. There are a lot of great people that attend. I think it would be worth your time to spend an evening or two with the group. And sometimes we have a chocolate fountain - that in itself is worth coming at least once, isn't it? David is one of the people we have met through NTOS; if you haven't met him in person yet, that is another good reason to go. The fellow is a hoot. Smart too...but I don't think one can truly have THE DAVID EXPERIENCE unless you get to meet him in person too. I hope you will come! I look forward to meeting you! Sherry
  3. That's how I looked at it too, just as a bed time story. I really enjoyed it, as did my whole family. My kids (ages 5 through 16) often ask if they can watch it. I think they have seen it at least 6 or 7 times in the past 2 months alone, hahah.
  4. My husband and I have 5 kids, 3 in public school and the youngest 2 in a private Montessori school (owned by an Objectivist!) I don't know if we will be able to afford to send them to the school next year, but I have to say it is well worth giving up a little in lifestyle to send them. (I would call it a life style adjustment, but certainly NO sacrifice!) Just not dealing with some of the bs that you have to deal with in a public school setting is a huge relief. And, they are getting a much better education, which is the mosst important part. Regarding taxes: this wouldn't apply to all kids, but if your kids are under a certain age, you can usually write off tuition for kids in preK or younger. For older kids, any extra fees you pay for before or afterschool care can be written off your taxes. (You would do well to double check this info for your own circumstances, of course!) It isn't the same as getting out from under property or other taxes you have to pay for public schools, but it is something to consider if you are thinking about sending your kids to private school.
  5. I just bought a new computer about a month ago, nothing too fancy, and it had norton on it. Well...everything was okay until the update. So now I have to uninstall it and then reinstall it, a real pain in the butt...but it is causing all sorts of issues. They really do suck now. I used to prefer them to McaFee as well. GRRRRR..... (that's my non technical rant.)
  6. If a series of books were to be put together, than they need to meet a few things (in my humble opinion): 1. be entertaining for the kids(yeah I know DUH!) 2. give the messages in a non preachy way 3. have a guide for the parents I think 3 would be a big help in how to use the books. When I was a kid, and whether it was in reading class using short stories to learn reading comprehension, or using a bible stories book to be taught religion, there was always questions, usually provided either in the text itself, or in a teacher manual. I wouldn't think that would be too hard to do. But even if the parents didn't want to bother with the guide, the books would still be useful. I think people stop and say WOAH! No...we cannot shove objectivism down kids throat like this! Well, that isn't the point, now is it? Rand didn't shove it down her audiences throat with her novels. She used her story telling to make her point. That can be done for children as well. I don't think it is anyone's intention here to get little kids to understand deep philosophical things with kids books. BUT, I don't think it is unreasonable for a good quality series to be put together for children to help parents teach them reason, and many other things that are the basis of Objectivism. Would I call it an Objectivist Primer for kids? Maybe not, because that may turn some off. And, it isn't a work by Rand, so that sort of takes that whole issue of the table anyway, now doesn't it?
  7. You don't mean replace right,? They just celebrated Jesus' bday on Satrunalia. People got to keep their to keep their pagan holiday, but, wink, wink, nudge, nudge it was now "Christian". To my knowledge, there was no real celebrating of Jesus' birth prior to the the emperor mass converting the empire. Sneaky devils....
  8. Thanks! I posted the fact that she will be giving a talk at on our local NTOS meetup discuss board, and directed people to visit the site for more information as well. Perhaps others would be interested in making the trip down there as well.
  9. That may be a worth a road trip from Dallas......
  10. Orson Scott Card is a favorite. I read the whole Ender Series, and am working on Alvin Maker series (fantasy) and Homecoming series. Worthing Saga, though was my favorite. His Folk of the Fringe is execellent. He wrote a really good book on writing fiction that Writer's Digest publishes. That is actually the first book I ever read by him. I love Ray Bradbury and some of Heinlein's work as well. I have enjoyed a lot of Asimov's work too.
  11. But there are different reasons for being fat. There are actually people that are overweight and don't have as much control that some think. I have known several diebetics, for example, that worked down right hard to control their disease and their weight, and were still fat. I do agree, it shouldn't be glorified, and I personally am disgusted that any one would. And I say that as a fat chick. However, I would still be careful judging a person based solely or mostly on their weight. It is interesting though, my husband and I have noticed that most of the life long Objectivist that we have met seem pretty healthy and have their weight under control pretty well. Just a coincidink? maybe not....
  12. Actually, I watch a great deal of animated movies and shows, and I think it could be done without any problems. A combination of good animation and good voice acting is all it would take. Atlas Shrugged is a great book, but it is after all, only a book. If it can be made into a live action movie, it can be made into a cartoon. (That's just my opinion.) I am not a fan of Final Fantasy. When I say the people from Ghost in the Shell, I think they could pull it off because I am impressed with what they have done. I don't mean that they should do AS in that particular style. Barefoot Gen is a moving animated movie, it came out in either early 90s or late 80s about a Japanese boy during the end of WWII (after the bombs were dropped).
  13. Just a bump to the post....my family and I are going to the next NTOS meeting this coming Saturday. For those in the area that are interested in attending for the first time, or who have in the past we would love to see you there! The details are here: http://aynrand.meetup.com/71/events/5017277/ There an OPAR group discussion before the social event for those interested. We are still in the early part of the book. (There is a discussion thread on the meetup board regarding the time, etc.) There is a good number of people that attend these, and I have met some truly wonderful people here that have really helped me and my husband in our study of Objectivism. If you are single, married, have kids or don't, if you have an interest in Objectivism it is well worth the visit.
  14. An animated version would be cool. Get the people that animate Ghost in the Shell or the Pat Labor series...it would be good. There are plenty of great "unknown" voice actors out there.
  15. That is very true. I think the main concern is really the script as opposed to the actors. I don't think Jolie is the greatest actress but she can act, so she isn't the worst person to play Dagney. Worst thing that will happen: the movie sucks, Jolie misuses it to play up her altruistic efforts, and more people read the book. The best thing that will happen: the movie is great, more people read the book. More people will be exposed to it either way. I don't think a bad movie will do as much long lasting damage as some fear.
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