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  1. "He also sparked widespread international condemnation in October when he called for Israel to be 'wiped off the map.'" http://edition.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/meast/12/16/iran.israel/ This is referring to the cartoon challenge. http://www.israelnewsagency.com/iranholoca...tseo480213.html My connection is bad tonight. I am not going to look post any more of the other 411,000 hits for "iran holocaust" - 0.02 sec. All you have to do is watch a news clip of a left wing protest. I searched "Bush Hitler" and took the second hit. If I remember correctly, Move On is related to one of the Clinton's. You can verify this site from Move On's response to the claim on the Moveon website. http://www.thememoryhole.org/pol/bush-hitler-ads.htm From another link: This must be how the Germans felt Watching Hitler rise to power. Hopelessness, frustration, depression, anger Increasing steadily by the hour. [...] When comparing Bush with Hitler, Surprise! There's lots of overlapping. Both are fascist right-wing conservatives Who sadly caught their countries napping. [...] So dig in deep for four more years Of the hand fear and ignorance have dealt And, remember, as things get worse and worse, This is how Germans must have felt. What do you percieve your problem to be? "Please be specific" If I am making a mistake somewhere or made to many assumptions from one thought to the next, I would appreciate being corrected.
  2. The facts are that he has made speeches about pushing the Israelis into the Mediterranean, stating that the Holocaust didn't happen and organized a cartoon contest about the Holocaust. The association with Hitler is far more accurate than to conservatism. Bush is associated to Hitler frequently, but the leader of Iran who is a dead ringer for a neo-Nazi is associated to Bush. Why is the historian that you refer to not hesitant to associate Bush to Hitler but he is hesitant to associate a neo-Nazi to Hitler? Even in the case cited in the opening post, there was no fear of putting a man in prison for denying the Holocaust. Why would there be a fear of addressing another person that denies the holocaust? We know the guy put in jail was a conservative that denied the Holocaust, and the leader of Iran that wants to drowned Jews is also a conservative. Bush is a conservative. What do you think the left is predicting about Bush's behavior? It all amounts to nothing since we are discussing a person's motives that are based on contradictions - they have no relation to reality except by chance. But, their actions of restricting speech is why they should be imprisoned.
  3. My intention was not to argue about facts, but I was questioning why the media seems more able to grasp this fact over other facts. How is it that the media was able to grasp an association between the ruler of Iran and Bush? There are so many other things they could have associated the leader of Iran with, but they chose conservatism which associated him with Bush. Why not nationalist, isolationists, et cetera?
  4. What I failed to accurately write was that their motive appears to be that they are trying to tag the conservatives as nuts. I do not see any difference between their actions and the actions of a person trying to restrict the freedom of speech. What puzzles me is why a person in the media would knowingly destroy his livelihood. They must have some lie that they are telling themselves so that they are able to dismiss their actions of destroying the freedom of speech for some other gain. I was thinking about what they are trying to gain not what they are trying to destroy.
  5. I believe it is an attempt to associate conservatism with criminal activity. People have to be running from the left and joining the right since the hatred is so obvious on the left. Any chance the media gets to associate any nut with conservatism, they do it. CNN International starts any story about Iran with the "the conservative leader ..." Coincidentally, any story about bush start out with "the conservative President". If they can impress on those fleeing the left that the conservatives are lunatics, they will be less likely to leave the left.
  6. Why do those that respect others rights have to pay for law enforcement? The system is designed for the criminal. Allow the criminal to pay for it.
  7. My connection speed is too slow to see if you captured the building on the south east corner of Victoria Park. When you are going towards Time Square and look back at it, it looks like it is falling over. I have no idea what the name is, I just remember sitting on a park bench with my wife and son being amazed with its appeareace.
  8. slave

    The Scope Of Law

    Do you know where I can find this essay? I tried searching for it, but I failed to locate it.
  9. sympathy: the quality of being affected by the affection of another. (Webster's dictionary, 1828) The professor is looking for someone to help you after you asked him for the help. He dismissed helping you because he is not sympathetic to your views. He dismisses assisting you because he has no emotional concern for objectivism - evident by his selection of words and his actions. The next time you talk to him, ask him if he found a non-subjective factulty member yet?
  10. softwareNerd, it is not accesible. EC, I am an American.
  11. the Wikipedia BLOCKED I also connect at work which circumvents the restrictions somehow. If you don't here from me for a while, I think you might be right. Chairman Mao is a killer!
  12. great fire-wall of China BLOCKED words OK other blogSpot blogs BLOCKED An old article OK When I follow the link, it starts "opening" for a second or two before it comes back "done" with the "This page can not be displayed".
  13. It appears that this site is not accessible from China. I tried other sites with capitalist in the name, but they worked.
  14. I did try reading the article. I didn't read the article because neither link worked. (Chinese Internet filtering, split into separate topic here)
  15. You need to convince me that man is a menace as you state above. You also need to prove that man is not natural.
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