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    Regarding this forum, to discuss, nurture, enable, and even sponsor the further development of modern capitalism and its foundation philosophy, Objectivism. To relate capitalism to my personal experiences. To debate politics from the capitalist's standpoint, injecting both fact and personal experience into such debate, at the same time, staunchly defending Objectivism to those who wish to tailor it into traditional political endeavors.

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  1. Lockdowns are a terrible thing, in my opinion- is it that the"cure" is worse than the symptom? But it's inexcusable to display swastikas, and weapons which allow protesters to threaten gun violence. And it's puzzling that these protesters are openly displaying placards supporting the very President who is misleading us through these trying times with misstatements, lies, and the government's bad response to this pandemic.
  2. OK, I understand the frustration with these folks. But why the swastikas, the white supremacist chants, and- yes- the weapons? https://www.yahoo.com/news/swastikas-nooses-governor-slams-racism-234906995.html
  3. OK, so maybe I'm being a "Monday morning quarterback", but having a team of pandemic response scientists on the ready to harness, then develop strategies to deal with a virus might have caused governments not to have to take drastic action in a vain attempt (my opinion) to "protect" vulnerable elders, those with compromised health issues, etc., into quarantine.
  4. So much for Agent Orange's campaign promise for 'less government." In my opinion, this clearly amounts to "more government, more regulation." And since when does America have a say regarding money that does NOT come directly from the US?
  5. If he stands for "individual freedom" why is he against women's right to an abortion? Why his opposition to mail-in voting?
  6. So what positions makes Agent Orange such a great president? His opposition to women's rights? His trade sanctions which helped compromise the economy? His current "leadership during the COVID-19 crisis? What's your criteria? And don't hand me this bullshit that he's currently pro-abortion. My lifetime goes back to Truman's presidency. Truman is a gold standard compared to the presidents in the past 30 years, all of which are/were compromised leaders in one way, shape or form.
  7. I agree with your definition, I just can't see how the current President, with his isolationist views, his terrible treatment of our allies, and his woeful views on women's right to an abortion, is great for America, benefits America, and improves America. And, if anything, he has shown that his leadership during the current Covid-19 crisis is beyond pathetic. He does not deserve to be re-elected. If I were on a "board of directors" and Trump were CEO, I'd move to have him fired.
  8. In my opinion, herd immunity represents a de facto approach to dealing with mass illness. When adequate testing for illness and adequate treatment facilities exist, then "herd immunity" might be an option. It would have behooved our government here in America to go to the source of the Covid-19, isolate the virus, and then let the private sector work on developing treatment and vaccine strategies. This seemed to work in the past with influenza viruses- hence, the ability of flu vaccines on an annual basis. No social distancing, no economic shutdowns, no face masks nor other such drastic me
  9. Businessmen like myself should be viewing technology as a means by which to increase production and profits. Take, for example, the old way of designing buildings in architecture, and the new way. The old way involved using drafting pencils, scales, paper, and t-squares. it was slow and cumbersome. Few projects got delivered in a timely manner. Enter the personal computer and "computer-aided design." Design ideas get translated from the mind into a computer quickly. A rectangle gets placed on the screen with two clicks of the mouse- and with some quick data entry, is accurately drawing t
  10. I have to admit, I'm with Ms. Rand on that solution. By repealing segregation laws, we are simply placing racism and bigotry in its place- as a means of disrespect for individual rights. Courts then should be able to strike down any race restrictions passed by governments.
  11. What appears to be missing from these woe-begotten arguments about abortion is the right of the woman to her body. Government has no right, moral or otherwise, to legislate what a woman should do with her body. The decision to give birth or abort is hers and hers alone. So debate as you may about this issue, but never forget that government trying to restrict abortion is, at the very least, government laying yet another layer of regulation on individuals, and yet another wanton, illicit restriction on our lives.
  12. i live in Connecticut. Like the rest of the nation, Connecticut is a mixed socioeconomic system, that is, blending government control and capitalism. One aspect of this mixed system that I detest is the ability for state governments to pass legislation which places restrictions on trade. One such restriction is a law meant to prohibit automobile manufacturers from selling direct to consumers. Such law was meant to ensure that consumers buy their vehicles through dealerships. Tesla wants to sell its autos directly to consumers through its company-owned showrooms. Already, Tesla has gotte
  13. Well, he certainly is an unprincipled buffoon. And the country is all the worse for his buffoonery. His latest is that he would have rushed into that school in Florida to take down the shooter with his bare hands. Then there are the buffoons who elected him in the first place.....
  14. There is little doubt about the Russians meddling in American affairs, especially the 2016 election. However, there were many other factors that contributed to Trump's win. His bromides about immigration and how immigrants took jobs away from those in Middle America, his pledge to deport undocumented immigrants, his diatribes about law and order, and even his slogan "Make America Great Again"- these had broad appeal to those outside the Northeast and West Coast. I'm not so sure about the dangers that the Russians pose as much as the Trump government with its staunch defense of weapon rights
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