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  1. I love Dostoevsky, he's one of my fave authors. In fact my screen name is from one of his books. Poor Folk is my favorite, Crime and Punishment was good, but one of my least favorite. Try reading some of his short stories
  2. It's sad to look at the pictures(but yes, it's amazing how we all started out like that, isn't it?), but if abortion is outlawed, women will get abortions one way or another. It might as well be legal.
  3. I see what you are saying. I'm more of an equalist than a feminist. I guess I got used to calling myself that because I used to hate men(don't anymore, I'm over that)
  4. Sorry for bringing up an old topic, but I feel alot of negativity against feminists in here. I have always considered myself a "feminist", but my idea of what it means to be one is apparently not the majority. I do not hate beautiful women, in fact I am one. I just hate it when women won't stand up for themself, and letting something hold them back just because they are females. I hate it when they give in to what society expects of them (though people, it is hard with so much pressure). I am in no way sexist, I just want everyone to be seen as equal. And no men and women aren't the same biologically, but does this give men the right to oppress women?The similarites are far greater than those that separate us. And rape is wrong, and it can mentally damaging for alot of women that it happens to. Someone invading you like isn't respectful or natural. And I don't really see the scene in the Fountainhead as rape, just he pursuing her forcefully. It was about sex; rape is not about sex, rapists have said this themselves. I just felt I had to say something, calling myself a feminist and all, I didn't want everyone to think I was physco extreme man-hating one.
  5. I've always liked the idea of Judaism, but is there something in objectivism that is against religion? I know many are atheist, but I haven't read everything and only have a basic understanding. I guess it's more of a personal decsion to decide whether or not you feel you can be jewish and an objectivist at the same time.
  6. I work at UVMC, which is in Troy. I want a job closer to WSU, because college is 30 minutes away, and the hospital is 20-25 minutes away, it's alot of driving and it's where 1/4 of my pay check goes. I'm looking into becoming a clinical labrotary science(medical technician) (they offer a one year program at WSU for this). Do any people of this type work at the Community blood center?
  7. Okay, it's what I thought. Me and AR are definetly on the same page when it comes to the rights of the sexes. I have never believed that women deserve special treatment, but that they deserve the same that men get. It's Wikipedia that I read this off of, and they misused alot of quotes! Like they said she said "a woman should look up to man", but I remember AR saying "a man should look up to a woman too". Is there any way we can get this false, misused, exaggrated information changed?
  8. I don't live in Dayton, but I live near, in the country.
  9. I think it would change my opinion about her a little, but I wouldn't go crazy and start ripping up my books or anything. It shocked me a little when I read that, but then again, this was a very unreliable source. I should have searched before I started this topic, but I guess it's too late now.
  10. Hello everyone! I'm glad I have found this forum! My name is Jessica, I'm 18, I live in Ohio, I go to Wright State University and I major in Biology. I work at a hospital, making dinner trays (which I hate, but it pays good!) I am new to objectivism, I found out about when I read "The Fountainhead" and started researching. All I can say I'm glad there are other people who like Objectivism, most people I know hate it, and I felt lonely!
  11. I apologize if I have put this in the wrong forum, but I heard today that Ayn Rand is anti-feminist. Is this true? This is sort of a shock to me, because I have always called myself a feminist and I thought I would have caught that she wasn't. I figured she wasn't a bra-burning, man hating extreme feminist, but is this source true? I hope not, I really like her books and I agree with a lot of aspects of objectivism. Can someone help me? Thanks!
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