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  1. Here in Canada we have Paul McKeever, an Objectivist, and the leader of the Freedom Party.
  2. I reply, finally: Hmm, but we are all technically "experiencing the world first hand" - are we not? Even when you're still in highschool, you're just experiencing that particular experience within this world. It's not as if highschool is one world, and college is another. I'm sure it changes your life and your daily routine if you go from highschool, straight into working full-time. But that just adds the "working full-time" experience to the list. It's possible that one person could be rich enough to not have to work, and they decide to basically live infront of the television for 2 o
  3. hehe I've tried pointing out that what they're doing is ad hominem... but it suddenly feels like I would be "out of place" to try and continue the discussion. Mostly, I'm at a loss, so I just end up looking around confused at how anyone could consider the discussion to be "over". It was odd - this happened with my grandparents last week, and they said: "Don't worry, we still love you no matter what you think." Needless to say, I was quite speechless... Let's call that "Plan B"
  4. I'm 17 years old . I'll be 18 in... 24 more days, 1 hour, 6 minutes, and 8 seconds... hehehe (and so will my twin sister). I'm looking forward to that, if you couldn't already tell . I'm hoping that once I turn 18, people will stop discounting my views using ad hominem - just because I'm 17, doesn't mean I can't be rational, hmph! In my opinion, I consider myself to be more mature and to have a much firmer grasp of my own views/conclusions then most of those that I've met that exceed me by many years. In my experience, no matter how strongly you defend your convictions when you're
  5. Heh, I didn't realize my topic was merged with this one. Took me until now to get to the 6th page with all the other threads out there to read. Well anyways, I've been thinking about this subject more and more lately. Now that I've finished reading this entire thread I've seen it mentioned that Ayn Rand possibly did know of the health risks, contrary to what several people told me. That'll teach me for not varifying this fact for myself. I do realize that it's also possible she managed to somehow miss all the new evidence of health risks, or that she did not take that "evidence" seriously. But
  6. wow - such a nice compliment ! Maybe I should become a photographer . A compliment and my life's direction given to me in a single sentence! Consider me amazed !
  7. I'm sorry, I can't help it... ... ... ... ... ! BTW I forgot about this picture! Sure, Amanda has her braclet stuck in my hair , and we really look different in this one - but it's well-lit. (If you can't tell I'm on the left, Amanda's on the right)
  8. Yeah, I'd have to say it's the lighting factor. It's a shame I don't have a better, more well-lit picture of her. In pictures 1 & 2 of me the room was soo bright from the sun coming through the window, so that's probably why my hair looks lighter blonde there, and everything is just brighter. I think your right, there is a slight difference in our faces... yet somehow my dad manages to mix us up all the time. Eyes are weird like that , right now my eyes are green(inside)/light blue(middle)/dark blue(outside) can't they just decide on a colour, and stick to it? Well
  9. Sorry, nice try though . We both have blue eyes, they just look brown-ish because of the lack of light in our computer room . Also, that picture of my twin sis was taken with our very cheap webcam which may have had something to do with it! Our eyes are interesting... they seem to change to more green or more blue depending on the light.
  10. Hey Flipje and everyone . Pictures 1 & 2- Well, this is me in my room attempting to take a picture where I'm not looking "sad", or "tired", or "bored", or "annoyed", or "like a statue". I'm not sure if it worked, but hey - I'm actually smiling in one of them! Pictures 3 & 4- The picture of me that someone described as "tired/bored", and another where it looks like I'm sleeping... (I'm just looking down). Anyways, 3 & 4 are what people tell me is the usual way I look which makes me "unapproachable" . I'm a shy person who doesn't really like showing emotions. Picture 5- That's my
  11. Thankyou, Hal. I didn't consider their having a lack of knowledge about the effects of smoking back then. I forgot it was writen so long ago! If they didn't know it could be potentially dangerous to their health and their lives then they obviously couldn't conclude that they shouldn't smoke if they gain pleasure from it. I guess nothing else can be said on the subject then, you explained it very well. Now I'm off to read as many of the threads as I can until I fall asleep at the keyboard!
  12. (Moderator's note: Merged into previosu thread on related topic - softwareNerd) In Atlas Shrugged, cigarettes and smoking are mentioned quite a few times. I don't understand how this is accepted as rational. Rand is trying to portray the "ideal man" in Galt, yet he smokes. This I cannot concieve as rational... because life is one's highest value, and smoking could take off years of life, and cause all sorts of medical problems - wouldn't smoking then be a contradiction to that value? There is some sort of an attempt at justification but it seems to just be some sort of excuse... trying
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