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  1. So my friend came by the other day, from out of state. So I banged my head against a wall 50 times. It was a special occasion though, so its okay.
  2. I am the standard by which admiration is set. I guess I "admire" myself in the same way one can measure a ruler using itself.
  3. Good thing I never said or implied that then, huh? So ice cream in now way contributes to your goals, like say survival? It has calories. You certainly need to intake them. There is no 'neutral' ground, an action either contributes to your life/happiness (and is good) or destroys it (and is bad.)
  4. http://www.tallahassee.com/mld/tallahassee...on/12776299.htm Interesting story. read it all. Fascinating stuff.
  5. If the man loses any time working (ie he cannot report in to work or has to rent tools from somewhere to go to work the next morning,) then that should be taken into account of any reckoning. For example, if he loses $150 in wages while the tools are gone, the theif not only has to give back / pay for new tools, but also pay for the lost wages.
  6. To elaborate and correct all the errors made previously: There is never a case "against" any actions arbirarily hanging out in the middle of goddamn nowhere. In fact, there is never a successful negative case for anything - thats the agnostics' trick, and false logic. Pleasure is not 'innocent until proven guilty.' As someone else mentioned, pleasure is the sensation of the accomplishment of goals in line with your sense of life - and that can be mighty far off. You should not be lead around by your emotions, you should be lead around by your logical mind. Anyway, the proper process is to prove a case for masturbation. What is its purpose in your life? What are its costs? Are there any alternatives that are better/more efficient with your time?
  7. Palestinian protestors storm Parliament Doublecheck: the article has changed since it was first posted this morning. Its opening originally read: Anyway, good grief.
  8. Reuters: Australian Nobel winner was human guinea pig Now thats a hardcore man of science.
  9. Its not just going 'against that idea,' it is working towards the destruction of the principle behind it. Men work by principles. If you act on such a whim, you are acting in accordance with the principle that such is what you should pursue - which is obviously not in your best interests. But, moreover, why bother with such a girl? Your time is best spent elsewhere. Masturbation is certainly far more rewarding a use of your time, and doesn't involve all the wonderful things that screwing around with an irrational woman gets to.
  10. This thread makes me want to gougue my eyes out. Answer this question: what value does masturbation give you? What are its costs? Question is so simple as to be absurd.
  11. If you want to be entertained by a whore, there are venues for that sort of thing.
  12. Dump Clauswitz and think of applying Objectivist principles to war. Its fairly simple and straitforward. As to military tactics/strategy, that is covered by more modern writers than Clauswitz and is far more relevant.
  13. You still failed to answer how exactly a woman who would drink to the point of bad decision making, go to 'second base' with you and then act like nothing happened/tell you it was a 'mistake' the next morning can be of any value to you. Am I saying you should have known beforehand? I think so, but I am a shrewd judge of character and you might be deficient in that area, so I can allow for that. But now, how can she be worth considering at all?
  14. Lets end this real quick: Is hanging about a girl who will get drunk, get at least half naked with a random male, and then tell you it was all an "accident" the next morning something you value? If so, why? (by the way, that was rhetorical. If you honestly would value a woman with such deficiencies, may I suggest an alternative that would probably be best in the long haul?)
  15. What games do you play? Would be nice to get a dedicated WoW/DoD group going on here. I always wanted to philosophically kill nazis. so, who here plays (or is interested in playing) World of Warcraft and/or Day of Defeat: Source?
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