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  1. I watched IHH a couple months ago, and I saw absolutely no value to it. As previously pointed out, the entire movie was an advertisment for existentialism. The heroes didn't even realize its destructivness at the end. I did not see simply honest exploration of ideas, but rather one long ode to "the absurd".
  2. Good job with the definition! I have read extensively on it, and have yet to come across a definition so succinct.
  3. If I jumped to conclusions, I apoligize Pony Girl. I made an error in judgement. I just am very wary to quick and hasty generalizations, which is what I may have fallen into.
  4. I in particular am most attracted to women who have simple/natural beauty. A big turn off for me is too much makeup or too many flashy clothes. Catherine Zeta Jones, is a perfect example. Elegance and class really are attractive to me. Unfortuantely, too few girls in my High School met either of those physical qualities, in my opinion.
  5. I just came from Sin City tonight. I was very impressed by it. I thought that all of the characters had a very black vs. white moral compass. They had principles, some confused and some misguided, but for the most part pretty admirable. I loved seeing those strong and masculine vaules put into reality. It made me want to go home and eat 5 raw eggs and started weightlifting like a madman.
  6. From my quick glance of the posts in this section, I think you guys are completely missing the point. People aren't leaving because of spite or malice, but because they having induced, or found AR's principle's on their own. I went through that entire phase. Please read my posts. I think you will find it enlightening.
  7. My understanding of the topic is simply this: By definition, god is an entity which exists outside this, our only perceivable reality. Thus, as a corolary, it would be impossible for a human to percieve it. It then becomes a self defeating impossibility.
  8. Hi- Where specifically did you find that Thomas Jefferson quote? Please let me know!
  9. I will buy the following: Psycho-Epistemology I (Binswanger): $20.00. Integration by Essentials (Schwartz): $8.00. Could you get a shipping quote and send it to me via email? Thanks.
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