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  1. I would do that if I had to pay for garbage. My appartment complex takes care of that for me. When I lived in Washington I recycled to save space all the time. claire, I'm not sure how to respond to you. This was a pretty simple post that outlined my reason to start recycling. I've already though about it an made the desicion. I posted it on here to see if anyone agrees with me. I'm not a clone asking for orders!
  2. I'm sure it is similar to how people ask for answers for abstracts in their minds. It confirms the logic and builds confidence in a conclusion. What could possibly be wrong with that?
  3. Should a resident of CA recycle? I have been thinking about this and decided to start recycling. My situation may be different from others but here is why I came to this decision after moving to CA. I buy bottled water because it is convenient and I live in the desert (I'm not used to desert water at all) so I'm going to buy bottled water either way. The first time I bought a case of water I though I was getting a great deal $2.99 for a 24 pack, but then I saw the tax. It was explained to me that the tax encourages people to recycle in CA. So, here I am paying this tax for every bottle of water I buy. I can either not recycle and pay the tax or recycle and at least get my money back. Here are the reasons why I decided to recycle. I get my money back (very important to me) I take money from the state that it depends on (after all, most people probably don't recycle everything) There are reasons not to recycle as well the state still gets income from the plastic an metals turned in (I think this is true) it takes time to turn in (but this is worth it to me 10min/2weeks) I'm open to change my mind on this if anyone can convince me that recycling is a bad choice in this case. Let me know what you think.
  4. Hey what is wrong with raw milk. Look at #14 http://www.modernpaleo.com/principles.html
  5. I like this post. Opinions are full of uncertainty and not knowing true facts can lead to terrible decisions.
  6. I understand that Official-English would protect businessmen and limit government's expense. I think I can make a good argument for those but I'm stuck on how Official-English would not apply to a proper government. Wouldn't it make sense to use a common language? I also think, the goal of the Official-English movement is to get everyone to speak English, not just in government, but in the daily life. The ammendment may be a stepping stone to regulations in business as well.
  7. I think it would be easier to talk about government as it is now. I mentioned EO13166 because the ammendment would squash it.
  8. I've had two problems so far. I may just be blind but I can't set my country to Afghanistan because it's not in the list. I've also had a problem with the chatbot kicking me out because of an invalid IP. I'm using windows on a virtual machine which is running on linux.
  9. I think I understand what you are saying, so maybe I should clarify what I meant. First our government is required to provide services in foreign languages (EO13166), and money is already being spent in this regard. If English becomes the official language the US is passing the expense of translation to those who don't speak English. I believe, for writing this paper, I have to decide between supporting one of these arguments. As far as a businessman is concern, EO13166 may be used to accuse him of discrimination based on language. At least, that is what I gathered from the website.
  10. Thank you, everyone, for you responses. The paper is for writing 101 at UMUC. For now, it only has to be 1,000 words, but later in the class it has to be upgraded to 2,000. The problem with the question I picked is, I have to argue for or against amending the constitution to make English the official language. It's a decision between forcing people to learn a new language before receiving government services or forcing the tax payer to pay for the added expenses of a multilingual government. Yet, I'm not sure if a private business would be able to refuse non-English-speaking customers if English was the official language. I'm going to look up the proposed amendment and read what it says. Thanks again.
  11. This is interesting. With the tax free benefits of being deployed, in 2007, my taxable income was so low that I was refunded all of the taxes I paid that year. The military definitely passes the bill to US citizens.
  12. I'm trying to do some research, for a short paper, on the debate over making English the official language in the US. Does anybody here know of any sources I can use for this?
  13. Darn, I guess I'm the only Objectivist in Afghanistan. Thanks for making this group!
  14. Sorry I looked it up. It was actually a form of dyslexia.
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