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  1. I'm just wondering about other Objectivist mechanical engineers as far as their industry or research area of choice. I'll soon be graduating and pursuing master's studies in mechanical engineering myself, and at this point my ideal industry is small arms (FN, HK, Colt...etc.). So what are you other MechEs doing? Anyone trying to design super efficient engines like JG in Atlas Shrugged or what? Is anyone doing research instead of industry? Any advice for kids like me?
  2. Yet every time I meet an Argentinian-American they are hardcore democrats all for heavily taxing the upper classes and corporations. They also call the Argentinian government greedy or corrupt but don't put two and two together when they are basically advocating the same government in the US. That's the power of socialism-nobody ever blames the poor for being greedy. No matter how much the Argentinian government gives their poor, the poor will never be outspoken in their gratitude-they'll just want more. Such is the nature of greed by its real definition. p.s. before some fool comes on
  3. On another thought, RationalBiker, what laws would it take for you to quit the force then? What if a new law went into effect requiring you to round up Americans of Arabian descent into camps similar to Asians in WWII? What if flag burning came with an automatic 5 year sentence? What if a law passed allowing warrantless searches of homes thought to contain semiautomatic weapons after they become illegal? Surely there's a point when you'd just up and quit, but have you asked yourself when that point really is that you give up your 23 year career? edit: More importantly, when do you thin
  4. Well, I didn't say to hurl a vile threat but a vile insult. It really gets old correcting people instead of reading legitimate criticism. I want to read criticism (that's why I'm posting) and not seemingly intentional misunderstandings of my posts. I'm also curious about if it was a cop holding that shotgun. So if the voters vote in a law making it legal to herd all of the nations Jews into concentration camps we can't blame the police for executing these actions? Would that be because you should not be Jewish on the street? Regarding the other statements, you are correct in tha
  5. I read the first few pages but admittedly not all of the thread. As many replies pointed out, the OP repeatedly misused the word 'faith' in ways that lead me to call it if it hasn't been called already. Troll Don't feed the troll
  6. Thanks guys for thoughtful replies. I would contend however that major rights violations are actually far from rare, and the vast majority of "minor" ones go unreported. I grew up in a city reading about police shooting pregnant women, family dogs, and teenagers. When fully 1/5 of prisoners are in on a drug offense (http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/prisons.htm) as their most serious crime you cannot say that individual rights violations are rare. Having been a bit of a hellion in my early teens, I've witnessed firsthand police falsifying charges (not against me) and outright lying and using
  7. For the record I'm not saying we shouldn't have a police force or saying police force is inherently bad. This thread is purely about the current police force in the US and their actions. Also, the police aren't forced to violate rights by the state because they can quit their job at any time. I completely agree that police are absolutely necessary for a society, but in an ideal Objectivist society they wouldn't violate rights because punishing legitimate crimes isn't actually a violation of rights. I also realize that we aren't in an ideal Objectivist society nor are we even close, but pol
  8. Hmm, as far as the People's Park riots go, it's my understanding that it didn't begin with any pillaging or looting, and I don't think there was much of that anyway. I believe that it's actually often cited as a police riot. As you'll see in photographic evidence, police were firing lethal shotguns at people on rooftops-people who, though probably trespassing, were unarmed. The incident was followed up by bringing in the national guard, fencing up the park, instituting curfews in the city, and there's even a photo of an army helicopter dropping teargas onto the campus. Given that they were
  9. Is morality a factor when violating individual rights is part of your job description? Obviously police are a fundamental function of government. However, being an officer today requires one to be willing to violate an individual's rights in countless ways. Regularly officers are required to enforce drug and alcohol laws, firearm laws, and freedom of assembly laws. To cite a few more major things, recent and old, here is a nice site <http://www.peoplespark.org/69gall4.html -bottom of page links to more photos> about the People's Park riot and here is a YouTube site <http://www.you
  10. I really love the outdoors too, but unfortunately I live in a place far from any real forest or wilderness. Having grown up spending most of every summer in the woods, I'm always shocked when others can't spot deer trails or poison oak. So, I've actually always wondered how much I really would choose to play games if I lived in the middle of the forest. I'm sure I'd still game often, but it'd probably be significantly less often with a couple of hundred acres around me and a good pair of dogs. On another note, it'd be great if people knew of a more Objectivist oriented game-probably it
  11. It seems like most posters, at least the ones who stay on topic, think the whole idea of gulching or escaping is to punish society, be a martyr, or some similar form of self sacrifice. Aside from stating facts about population demographics, I didn't attack those who advocate continuing this political and philosophical battle for morals in America. In fact I commended them. So why attack the idea of opting out? Did I miss some tenet in Objectivist philosophy that requires me to push for a better society? I and probably the others who feel similarly desire escape because we're tired of fi
  12. But what is your position?
  13. Ok, I guess gulching is something few people consider let alone pursue. The cost and work required definitely make it prohibitive to many. I agree that scratching together a country is largely a fantasy, but the ideas I mentioned would work for an individual up to maybe a dozen or two people. For most peolpe who were raised in the city and have never chopped wood or been anywhere without bathrooms, gulching is probably a fantasy. However, there was a time when your average fellow (like my dad) could hunt, fish, fix cars, build houses, and figure stuff out. Being a year away from a
  14. I thought of posting this in the psychology forum, but I wasn't sure if it would really head in that direction. I like video games, computer games, board games, ,bar games (pool, foosball, ping pong), and poker. These are the sports that you can do with a cigar and cognac (or whatever you prefer) at hand. To clarify, I like good games and will read reviews and ratings from users and experts before investing my own time and money. Most people hear/read board games and think of Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble and such, but you'd be interested to know that board gaming is far from being so stagnant
  15. I'm wondering how people feel about whether or not the Zoot Suit Riots were ethical for the government to do. For those who don't know, my picture of said riots is US soldiers during WWII who were posted in LA clash with local gang members. The initial fight was a handful of guys, and one navyman got stabbed. Obviously parts, such as storming private theaters, are unethical. However, what I see is a domestic act of war against the US assuming a pachuco did initiate the original fight. Obviously this is complicated because in a truly Objectivist society gangs wouldn't flourish because ci
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