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  1. Zip's post (as short as it was) is probably one of the most valuable posts on love and sexuality I've seen on this forum in a while. Having recently tied the knot myself, I can attest to what you've said. As I see it, sex is the ultimate form of physically expressing love. Why waste it on someone who isn't worth your time? VALUE YOURSELF!!
  2. If anything, you might write an email or leave a comment on ARI's YouTube channel and ask them if they would consider posting the video online. If they think it's a good idea, then you would still be able to watch it for free and (more importantly) ARI's rights would be respected.
  3. In response to the OP, I found a quote from Ayn Rand that seems remarkably apt in this situation.
  4. Sir, I will not have you insulting jackalopes by implication!
  5. Yes. Lisa herself is a practicing Objectivist and—if I'm not mistaken here—has even lectured at OCON a few times.
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