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  1. Yes it was difficult to watch. I couldn't have said it better myself. I can't help but feel a tinge of concern; I think that the video is representative of where the world is headed, not only politically but culturally. I am reminded of the 'Twentieth Century Motor Company in "Atlas Shrugged" where the workers didn't realize the consequent of their predicament until it was too late.
  2. The term 'to outgrow' usually means to become too big for something, which, in this context implies that Objectivism is an immature philosophy that is incompatible with the requirements of living. Thus, the people who are 'too big' for Objectivism, have actually abdicated their reliance on their rational faculty, and the basic axioms of existence. They haven't grow up (grown out of), but have actually grown down. I very much agree, yet another reason may be that some people may equate individualism with being alone all the time.
  3. Steven_M

    Howard Roark

    Great upbeat music; makes me want to get outdoors. Steven
  4. The trick is to not accept any unearned guilt and feel that you don't deserve happiness. Just remember that by learning a rational philosophy (Objectivism) and attempting to use it to guide your life you are living in reality; it is other people who are weird and often mystical, and amoral for that matter. So my advice is to spend your time doing what you love, and then to experience the pride of accomplishment that accompanies it. The fact that you've accomplished endevours that you love stays with you for a long time. This does wonders for your self esteem as well, and makes you feel that you deserve the best that life has to offer. All the best Steven
  5. How can you rationalize the irrational? The answer is: you can't. I agree that it is utter garbage. What a waste of time and resources. It's not even worth considering.
  6. I don't believe so. It would be alturism if your standard of value was something other that your life, the supernatural, or 'god'. It also depends on your purpose, whether you do it for your own benefit, or the "good of society". .
  7. Religion, in my opinion, has been so persistent because of the fact that man can't live without a philosophy to guide his/her actions. I also think that fear has a lot to do with it; the fear of relying on one's own rational mind, and the fear of being alone in one's beliefs. Yes? / No?
  8. <quote>Thought you all might get a chuckle from this...</quote It's not only funny, but a little disturbing. It makes me glad to have discovered Objectivism, and only serves to reinforce the fact.
  9. Why do people have this type of trust in computers? Well, it just goes to show how unconsciousness, the refusal to think, can get you into trouble or worst.
  10. [Post Edit] I believe that you are either Objective or not. Anything other than Objective thinking is mystical thinking.
  11. I believe that unless you accept the axiom that existence exists, then a rational argument becomes impossible, since there is nothing concrete to base it on.
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