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  1. A while ago I finally sent the email asking him about the parallels I saw between WWE and The Fountainhead. I supposedly got an answer from the man himself... in which he said he was glad about the fact that I liked his book but totally dodged my question! I don´t know what´s the purpose of having that "send Ken Follett a message" feature is if in the end one is just going to get a bot.
  2. Yes, the Congress scene is priceless (and the ending too!)
  3. It´s not absolutely necessary, but it´s advisable. Unless you already know more or less who Iron Man is from the comics
  4. Saw it today, and it´s GREAT. Even better than the first. And the political content is AWESOME
  5. Only if you take it as the ultimate sacrifice for Batman, which it really isn't. If people consider him evil or whatever, he just doesn't care. He does what he believes is right for achieving his ideals.
  6. No, he didn't. Out of all the citizens he put to the test, he only broke one: Dent. Supposedly "the best of all", but that's in Batman's quite humble opinion. Considering the facts, Batman is easily the "best": he got his parents and the love of his life killed yet he still fights for justice. Dent, on the other hand, wants to start killing little children when his girlfriend dies. The movie's message should perhaps have been more clear, but after some thought it's evident that the Joker failed in most of what he was trying to accomplish: he couldn't make the citizens of Gotham "eat themselves up", and he couldn't corrupt Batman (he says this explicitly to him in one of the last scenes.) He only succeeded with Dent. This, I guess, is true for real life: for some people it may take a "push" to fall into insanity, others, though, are unbreakable. This message is not so clear in the film since it finishes with the Joker's victory (Dent) rather than with his failures (corrupting every other citizen and Batman.) But the defeat of evil in the film still comes across.
  7. Of course not! Most philosophers are actually very much like him
  8. Yeah, the fact that you never get to see his real face is one of the most effective elements of the story.
  9. Has anybody seen this film? It´s actually quite good. It´s the true story of how a congressman, a CIA agent and a socialite helped strike a fatal blow to the Soviet Union. Very satisfying in terms of content, and also as a film in itself- brilliant, quick dialogue and very good pacing. The bonus documentaries in the DVD, with the real Charlie Wilson, are also very interesting.
  10. Both the graphic novel and film, though with slightly different themes, are very good
  11. Is that book about Rush? That doesn't seem to be what the band intended with the logo.
  12. 93 by Victor Hugo, and Pillars of the Earth and World Without End by Ken Follett.
  13. Gabo

    The Question

    I found a very interesting piece called "Ditko shrugged", which focuses about Ayn Rand's influence on Ditko with lots of detail. In general it's very respectful of Objectivism (although the author didn't quite get that Rand considered herself a Romantic only as regards literature). Here is is: http://www.comicsbulletin.com/soapbox/118945139174676.htm Universehead, I agree. Tom Strong is an excellent comic book series, highly recommended.
  14. How can Greenspan say the things that he's saying? The most logical thing is to label him as a complete traitor, but I still don't understand WHY.
  15. In both fiction and nonfiction lists, the gap of quality between the board's and readers' list is stunning (in favour of the readers, of course.)
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