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  1. The non-entity who didn't post this thread which may or may not exist, duh!
  2. Did this guy escape from the Bandakar Empire? Nothing is real, nothing is real, nothing is real...
  3. When I read that letter I thought it sounded like an Objectivist wrote it, great job!
  4. I know a few marijuana smokers, and they claim to enjoy the taste of it the same way as I enjoy the taste of a good cigar. It is my opinion that alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are not necessarily bad in and of themselves, only in the hands of someone who uses them irresponsibly. I don't see any legitimate purpose for refined or artificial drugs like cocaine, meth, PCP, etc.
  5. How will you resolve the contradiction of reason and religion? There is no room for supernatural beliefs in the Objectivist philosophy. *** Mod's note: For the response, please see this split topic - sN ***
  6. I agree with you. He was calm and professional, repeatedly ordered her to stop resisting, was careful not to injure her when he tried to force her hands back, and then used a very short burst of pepper spray to subdue her when that didn't work. I'm sure we'll be hearing the liberal outcry sooner or later, but I didn't see anything out of line.
  7. I doubt you'll find many people who care that Giuliani was given an honorary title by a Monarch who has no actual power. Time to take a break from all the Alex Jones "documentaries."
  8. That's encouraging, thanks for posting those links.
  9. While I completely agree with you, it would be political suicide to say such a thing publicly. Until we are able to change the prevailing philosophy of multiculturalism and blind tolerance, we will not be able to have a leader who will name the enemy and pursue them appropriately. I'm not, but I'll add it to my reading list.
  10. With the way that we are "fighting" the war in Iraq, the best thing we can do for now is to pull out. All the current strategy is doing is wearing down our men and equipment, while doing nothing to combat Islamic Fundamentalists. Until we (as a nation, not the few of us on this board) are willing to recognize the enemy for what it is, and fight with the intention of wiping them out, we have no business playing at war in the Middle East. I would rather see Ron Paul do the right thing for the wrong reason than watch our military slowly destroy itself.
  11. That would be a bad move for them, it will never happen. As a significant part of the Republican party, they hold a lot of power in the political process, which they would forfeit by forming a third party. They will simply continue to do what they've been doing for years, slowly mold the GOP to fit their philosophy. One fairly secular candidate won't be enough to scare them away.
  12. He did vote in favor of the Afghanistan war, which shows that he is not the rabid pacifist that some believe him to be. As you said, all the candidates are flawed, I made my choice to support him because I believe his weak points (foreign policy) are outweighed by his strong points (economics, individual rights). If you can point me toward a reliable source that says Iran will likely have nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them to us, then I would reconsider and probably choose a candidate with a more aggressive foreign policy. As it stands now, based on my personal experience in th
  13. I'm not really qualified to answer this since I haven't read much on Objectivist interpretation of art. Who is making the claim that a car alarm is "art" or "music"? It's obvious that the person forced to listen to a car alarm will be in a worse emotional state than the person who listened to Bach, but what exactly is that meant to prove?
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