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  1. As Easy Truth pointed out, you don't actually wonder this. You already know that this "solution" is just an absurd fantasy, used to deal with the incredibly strong feelings you have about your life situation. His basic advice is probably half of what's needed to get yourself beyond this (and you should look honestly at your role in getting yourself here. Hot anger is just one of countless ways to react to life, and it's not necessarily a good one). The other half is your choices from this point onward. What's done is done, the consequences have transpired, and what happens now is up to only yo
  2. That's all fine and good, but it doesn't really help an alcoholic who quits, starts spiraling mentally, and then commits suicide.
  3. With one important caveat: if you're suicidal and alcohol is your only or primary way of dealing with those thoughts/feelings, keep drinking until you're able to develop a better way. Don't give up your only way just cuz "alcohol bad".
  4. Not much to untangle here. If you want your son in your life, there aren't many (any?) contexts where that would be possible after murdering his mother. If anything is going to bring up murderous feelings, I suppose it's a bitter divorce involving child custody, but if it were me, I still wouldn't be admitting as much (repeatedly!) on a public forum over which I have no editorial control.
  5. Hey Doug, just happened to be sitting here with the ARI site up and the forum notifying me of your reply: https://estore.aynrand.org/p/638/free-minds-and-free-markets-pdf-download
  6. A brain operates automatically in many or even most ways, and in fact the common understanding of idea "dredging" is that it's involuntary, which is why I used it as an example. Furthermore, some communicated ideas are intended to harm the recipient - not just lies, but perhaps bringing up past trauma, or shifting a person's focus with the intent to change his decisions. Why would these things not constitute an initiation of force? Do you mean these?: If so, a communicated idea can easily cause a physical brain change which interferes with its functioning, or which interfere
  7. You've qualified "impose" with "direct," yet still no explanation or standard has been established. At what point has someone been directly imposed? Since a person with any body or property may supply the definition, "adverse" "physical damage" broadens to any/all happenings in the universe, no? What is "normal functioning"? By what standard do I differentiate "normal" from "damaged" (assuming the above "adverse physical damage" definition is out)? This is simply begging the question. Another person physically changed my brain by communicating an idea to me, and the res
  8. What is "imposing"? Existing on the same planet, all happenings could be argued to be "imposing" on all beings. What is "physical damage"/"physical force"? Ideas physically alter a brain - why is that not "damage" or "force"? I may not have asked for an idea, yet my brain processed it and changed nonetheless. How "serious" does the physical force need to be before it becomes "harm"/"damage"? A bad smell may give me a headache, or it may ruin my day by drudging up some childhood trauma. Who should be held liable for the time I waste realigning my attitude so that I can fun
  9. So, the willful spread of fraudulent ideas is an initiation of force? Does that mean that the accidental spread of germs is not an initiation of force?
  10. You emphasized "spreading," why? What is it about spreading germs that is aggressive, vs. spreading ideas that is not? Why substitute "aggression" for "force"? How is spreading germs aggression/force but spreading ideas is not? What is the standard of the "effect" of not-physical harm vs. the "force" of physical harm? Couldn't the spread of bad ideas be argued to be "physically damaging" to a person's body, even manipulating enough to be argued as control over their body? Couldn't the spread of bad ideas easily be argued to be a threat or incitement, especially those ideas shared with the inte
  11. Does a communicated idea not physically alter the brain of the recipient?
  12. That isn't the only interpretation of this meme. Judging by your derision, you were expecting more than memes from those arguing against masks. But why? Maskers are viewed as part of an international, irrational medical theater movement, abetting the tidal wave of 2020-style stripping of basic human rights. And then you offer derision in response - so why should you receive more than memes?
  13. Vilifying a group of people, cuz "science." Classic.
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