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  1. I feel no moral hindrance about my work at Georgia Southern.
  2. In the past year, my parents became a bit more understanding - I was not kicked out and my education is being paid for, of which I am very grateful. I think the initial reaction was more shock than actual anger, and my father hasn't said an ill word about it to me since. In fact, we're pretty close now - a lot more honest to each other. I feel like my dad is starting to treat me more like an independent person than an arrogant teenager. It's been over a year since I original created this thread, and I am fortunate to see that it worked out in the end for me. Thanks everyone for all the responses, they were taken to heart and very informative.
  3. Fallacy of composition is what it sounds like.
  4. I honestly don't know. I've never been threatened with this before. I told my dad I wouldn't lie to my mother about it and he seemed to dare me to "test" him. He was very convincing last night. I just had a talk with my mom about the whole thing - I told her how my dad threatened me, what I believed and why I believed it. She clearly doesn't accept it, but when I asked her if she would kick me out, or allow my dad to - she told me she would never allow that to happen for as long as I lived. The only thing I could think of was to just tell my mom, even if it brings me even more hatred from my dad. I really don't think I had any other choice.
  5. With a $6.50 an hour job, still in high school with no car to my name, no ability to pay for college and only the clothes on my body? My only path would be to join the military.
  6. I'm going to update the situation. I sit here today, extremely stressed and extremely worried. My parents officially found out this past weekend, first my mother and then my father. There was obviously shock. They asked me if I was atheist and I told them I was. I didn't say anything beyond that. Now last night, my father, whom I never really thought to care about this subject to any extremity told me that I have to convince my mother that I believe in god or he will cut me off when I turn 18. He said that it was the worst thing I could have done to her and that I was an "ungrateful little sh*t" for doing so. He said he would give all my possessions to my younger brother and refuse to pay for my college. Well, since I turn 18 in four days, I'm very scared. What should I do?
  7. I would figure that this would be similar to the concept of a corporation.
  8. How does Objectivism justify that sensory perception is the foundation of knowledge? How does an objectivist debate against the ideas of simulated realities? Or really, against any sort of idea that holds sensory perception is not the foundation to knowledge. I say existence exists, but where do I get my justification for saying only this existence exists? Perhaps this is to "matrix-like", but it is under my current realm of knowledge that one day in the future, highly specialized computers will be able to simulate everything from sight to touch. If we are able to create such realistic environments that someone would not be able to tell the difference between what is real and what isn't, how do we justify that what we hold as reality now is actually real?
  9. Shouldn't one only retaliate against the specific individual who iniated force?
  10. Woudn't this be infringing on the civilian's rights?
  11. As new as I am, I still feel that this is an issue that could use some honest advice. Quite simply, my mother is a fundementalist Christian. She has been for as long as I have been alive, and looks as if she will be for as long as she continues her own life. I, thus, was raised in a strictly Christian home with "high" moral standards (I've never even sworn to my parents in earshot). Given my recent (a couple months) rejection of Christianity and my even more recent (a couple weeks) adoption of Atheism, I've come to a delimma that is bothering me on several different faces. Do I keep quiet? This is the same mother that is in constant worry about her kids over everything. I feel that she could possibly breakdown if she was ever to know that I would not go to "heaven". I feel like I am being dishonest to her and myself. I assume the objectivist answer would be to not sacrifice myself to anyone, even my mother. From what I understand, Objectivist applies to only one who adheres to objectivism completely. Is that true as well? If I don't say anything, am I not an Objectivist?
  12. Interestingly enough, that book is next on my Christmas list (The joys of still being a teenager ). I thought it looked incorrect. Glad to know I wasn't doubting myself without reason.
  13. I've read the fiction novella Anthem, and the non-fiction works An Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology and The Virtue of Selfishness. I'm confident that I'm recieving at least Atlas Shrugged for Christmas. While the fact I should read all of her books goes without statement, is there a specific order that I should continue towards? Dually noted. I have a question about the specfics regarding the metaphysics of objectivism, but I'll see if the question has been asked previously before I make another thread.
  14. I asked my mother for a copy as a Christmas present. Hopefully she got it before it sells out again.
  15. That is, recognizing the validity behind the philosophical position of Objectivism. As a new member, I hope I can contribute to the forum while learning as much as I realistically can. I have several questions, and I hope that everyone will not get tired of me too quickly. Everyone have a nice evening. -John
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