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  1. I'm living in Wellington for a couple months. Any Objectivists out here? Would be interested in a meet-up!
  2. Option c works best for me! Option b is fine, too. EDIT: Monday night would be good since that's the last day Matthew80 can make it...
  3. I'm in the suburbs of Philly until the middle of February. Would be interested in a meetup!
  4. If an artist holds the rights to a song and he wishes to distribute it freely, that is his prerogative. There is nothing wrong with downloading his music then. This would only be wrong if the artist does not hold the rights to the song, in which case you would be stealing. Don't think of it in terms of a value exchange. Think of it in terms of the person who owns the the rights to the product being able to set the terms of distribution of his product. As long as you are obeying those terms, your action is completely moral.
  5. I thought it focused too much on silly love relationships. There was not enough action.
  6. As most of you know, Congress is trying to rush through a massive health care bill by the August recess. Among many things, this bill will create a public option for health insurance that will compete with private insurers. It will also set up the “Health Insurance Exchange” platform, which will regulate which policies you can purchase. Some other horrific aspects of this bill can be read here. Ultimately, the only way to stop bills such as these from even coming to the table is by changing the culture. People need to understand that health care is not a right, that doctors have the right t
  7. Congratulations! My research project is funded by NASA. Like others have said, given that so much of your money is forcibly taken from you to advance the government's agenda, it is not immoral to reclaim some of that money back in the form of working for a employer who is funded by the government. Otherwise, 90% of academics would likely be out of a job. And many others, of course.
  8. This is a disgusting thing to say and undermines the beauty of their relationship. One does not choose to be gay because there is an absense of eligible members of the opposite sex. To assert that sexuality is something that can change with the whim of the moment is absurd.
  9. I have no idea where you are getting this from. From watching Jon & Kate, everyone is perfectly happy on the show. Yes, the kids fight, but so what? When do siblings not fight? To say that misery is inherent in having many children is absurd. And the reason there are so many shows today about families with many children is because it is interesting. People love kids and they especially love kids that look alike. It is also fun for parents to see how other parents handle situations much more stressful than their own.
  10. I've watched many episodes of "John & Kate Plus 8," and I think the show and the family are great. There is no inherent value in having a parent's "undivided attention." Attention is only good when it is constructive. And attention can still be given, even if a parent is busy with other children (or other activities in general, like work). Clearly, these kids won't have trouble with money. The show itself is a huge source of income. As for doing things "individually," this can still occur, even with many kids in the house. For example, John & Kate take each kid out indivi
  11. To assess whether a Founder effect is positive or not, you must determine if the alleged advantage occured because of the Founder effect. I don't know the particulars of the example you have mentioned, but it is not clear from what you said that the advantage occurred because a group of people isolated itself from the rest of the population. A small population always increases the risk of inbreeding, which is never to the offspring's advantage. Consider the Amish in Eastern Pennsylvana, who are plagued with a myriad of diseases.
  12. While some of the precautions people might be taking may seem overboard, the fact remains that this flu is dangerous and that we do not have enough Tamiflu in this country to treat everyone. Furthermore, though the strain does not cause serious problems in some, in others, it certainly kills if not treated right away. I think it is great that we have reached the point in medicine where a virulent strain that could cause a pandemic can be controlled. It is still important to take precautions, however, because regardless of whether this flu might kill you or not, you still don't want to hav
  13. Mimpy

    OAC Exam

    To my understanding, they generally don't allow that. You can always audit classes, however.
  14. Mimpy

    OAC Exam

    It is a four year program.
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