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  1. In places where development is sprawled over a large distance with little access to public transit, the economic blow is sure to hit the hardest. Buildings stacked on top of each other is the way to go.
  2. Les Claypool slapping the intro to Master of Puppets in concert. Awesome!
  3. Socialism can work, its just that everyone needs to believe in the system, it cant be achieved through coercion. Sweden is a fine example: their people are healthy, they have a prominent scientific community, and it works because they all want to be there. They resisted the EU and its commie constitution longer than most other europeen countries, because they didnt want to be coerced.
  4. I prefer highway star, but any deep purple cut is welcome on my radio. The thing about metal lyrics that you have to understand, is most of the time they are singing about things that piss them off. When they sing about oppression, its not that they are for oppression, they are denouncing it. Metal is the ultimate form of protest music, in this day and age. Rappers sing about how they themselves are corrupt and dangerous, metal musicians complain about these people.
  5. Wright has no experience working with honest caucasians; perhaps Obama has benefitted from his exploration of different social circles in the time since he and wright split paths. My take on Wright is that his inflammatory speeches are the progeny of the preceding era, in which blacks were hated and feared by many powerful white people. It is possible that Obama, as a young man, has found it easier to forgive than his aged pastor. 20 years is a very long time; Someone who is fixated on the issues of that day would most likely seem like a radical, or a racist.
  6. Chromatic doesnt mean bad, although some people dont seem to like it very much.
  7. WarIs4Profit


    These guys wrote some amazing songs, yet due to the strange style they utilize as the vessel for the musical dissertation (vs. compulsion), their fan base is not as widespread as many mediocre groups from the same era. I personally like Funk/Metal/Jazz, but it is a little overwhelming the first couple of times you hear it. This is my personal favorite: "Mama Didn't Raise No Fool" The best of times, the worst of times, the times you can't ignore. Sometimes you bite the bullet and flip flop on the floor. They tell you where to go, and they tell you what to do. They set your face on fire then stomp it out with their shoes. I ain't no fool. Mama didn't raise no fool. The times I can't complain are the times I do the most. On a diet of black coffee and prozac buttered toast. These eunuchs in their prada and Gucci flavored clothes. Wouldn't know a fresh perspective if it bit 'em up on the nose. I ain't no fool. Mama didn't raise no fool. Don't do as they say, just say as they do. No flavor's quite so bitter as the taste of one's own shoe. I ain't no fool. Mama didn't raise no fool. Another gem : "Year of the Parrot" In the year of our Lord Call it 1994 A fine vintage of mimicry There are those that take their sound From someone else's Toil Liking to parrots you see I've seen the likes of Kate Bush And Van Morrison Teaching the parrots to sing Take a Zepplin riff And you alter it a bit And make lots of money It's called plagiarism You want some of that cheese Just take a big ol' bite Careful not to choke on it please Now here we go It's called plagiarism A third selection : Mr. Knowitall They call me Mr. Knowitall I will not compromise. I will not be told what to do. I shall not step aside. They call me Mr. Knowitall I have no time to waste. My mouth it spews pure intellect. And I've such elegant taste. They call me Mr. Knowitall. I sup the aged wine. Oh I could tell such wonderous tales if I should find the time. I must be Mr. Knowitall For ideas they come in bounds. I am Mr. Knowitall So spread the word around. They call me Mr. Knowitall I am so eloquent. Perfection is my middle name And whatever rhymes with eloquent
  8. My mistake; he sacrificed immediate prosperity, in the terms he had come to know through his life in the mainstream of society. He had been anticipating satisfaction in knowing that his music was appreciated by a lot of people, however the looters' prosperity did not last since it was founded in the manner of a leech. My point was that he chose self respect over money, the same way that all of Rand's heros do at some point, typically upon realizing that what they had respected was not genuine.
  9. Opeth is sooo good, its one of the only modern groups I listen to atm. I think my favorite cut of theirs is Blackwater Park, not to mention that the entire album is a work of art. I love how Akërfeldt blends harsh metal singing with operatic interludes.
  10. I belive a major distinction, being a material quantity in the eyes of the law, is whether you make a material profit through infringing on the copyright. People often cover modern songs they didnt write at concerts, yet you dont see those covers recorded on rock albums very frequently.
  11. I think his point was that if the only professionals were auto mechanics, there would be no food, no shelter, no materials with which to build automobiles, or even people to manufacture them. One of the things that drew me to the objectivist philosophy is that it is totally based around reality. Your statement regarding auto mechanics indicates that you do not consider reality when making your simplification.
  12. it really is the lazy way out, the mystical miracle solution to whichever problem is the underlying source of a child's dissatisfaction.
  13. this could concievably raise some objections, but the U2 front-man Bono comes to mind.
  14. Youre probably right, in the case of kids who are simply unable to concentrate. I should have been more clear about my statement, in that while schools do not cause a permanent case of the disorder, similar characteristics are observed in children who are not interested in learning in a structured group environment. I think that some teachers/administrators take advantage of the convenient avenue they have to control these children, by suppressing their behavior with drugs, rather than analysing the system they have created.
  15. What did you expect from a guy who publicly gave away his money in the form of a game show?
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