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  1. | I forgot to tell the story of what I said a few weeks ago in class. When discussing Peirce's theory of Tychism, one of his premises is that measurements ALWAYS have a margin of error. To this I raised my hand and said, "That's false. If I measure how many professors are in this room right now--there's ONE. There was no margin of error in my measurement."

    1. Black Wolf

      Black Wolf

      I don't think counting is the same as measuring, is it?

    2. OCSL


      Correct me if I'm wrong but would saying there are exactly 12 inches in 1 foot also disprove this theory?

    3. Black Wolf

      Black Wolf

      I don't think so, because 12 inches and 1 foot are both concepts, rather than applying a concept to practice

  2. This place is maggoty with cow clickers tonight!

  3. Cow clickers in my pasture need to get-to-clickin' or be booted in favor of someone who does. If that sounds like an ultimatum, it is. I take my cow clicking very seriously.

  4. knows that a lot of his things get posted twice due to his Twitter integration with Facebook, and ya know what? He doesn't care.

  5. needs to restock his bar after Chris Lee and Devan Fronk house sat while he was at OCON.

  6. Dear Facebook, I do not wish to try the "Friend Finder", thank you.

  7. Just shot a pistol for the first time. If any two-dimensional shadow men ever attack him they at as good as dead!

  8. "That's all right. These things gotta happen every five years or so, ten years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood." -The Godfather

  9. phibetakappa, thank you for your response. I'll think about the infinite regress and perceptually given facts when dealing with this concept in the future.
  10. Well, I don't have a problem with primary concepts. This is about being in a philosophy class and being forced to meet their standards of proof (or being able to make a valid argument of why their proof is flawed). When you are in upper-level philosophy classes in state universities, it's not acceptable to simply say "it just is". They literally will scoff at you.
  11. Thank you for your thoughts. I too thought of stepping from "what is action?" to "It is a change in an entity" but I knew that if I did that, I would simply be asked "What is change?" and then I would have no clue where to go from there because I have no clue how to explain "change".
  12. Thanks for the reference. I'll grab my ITOE and check out that section.
  13. Thank you for the response. I knew in my head that a justification for cause and effect would have to come down to perceptually given facts. You pointed out something I hadn't considered—that it is for science, not philosophy to determine how actions happen. Part of my confusion is due to how the philosophy TA was challenging me. For example, he raised his arm an inch and said, "Is this an action?" Then he raised his arm 90 degrees and said, "What about this? What's the difference?". This led me to wanting to reduce the concept of action as much as I could before proceeding.
  14. I am currently re-reading OPAR because I want to have a better technical understanding of Objectivist metaphysics. The question I am wrestling with is: what is action? This came up because last week in my philosophy class I asserted that cause preceeds effect and the T.A. asked me to prove that and it ended up in him asking me to answer this question of "what is action?" and me being dumbfounded to come up with a response (even if the response was "that's a stupid question") Here is where I am running into a circular argument: - What is action? - It's what entities DO. - How do entities DO things? [i'm unsure if there needs to be something else inserted here] - Via the law of cause and effect. - What is cause and effect? - It is action applied to entities. - What is action?
  15. I'm in the process of writing my paper and missed one aspect of the scenario we have to use: the coin will only be flipped once and then destroyed. But I don't think that has any bearing on my thesis and where I am going to take it. But it does make me shake my head at the poinlessness of these silly hypotheticals that philosophy students are asked to endure.
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