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  1. Yes it was very "Dances With Wolves" but holy @#$% @#$ I've never seen better visual effects in my life...Jurassic Park can eat it.
  2. Okay...So despite the fact that CGI and animation keep me in a job (well not currently) but knowing a little bit about the new software that was developed for JUST this film and the 30 hours it took to render ONE frame of this movie...I would say that the CGI is a liiiiiitle bit better than Jurassic Park. Excuse the sarcasm, but common!! Some of the newest, and most optimized facial motion capture was used a long with new photo realistic lighting techniques...This can hardly be related to Jurassic park. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Jurassic Park, and the visual effects still hold up, but the tech. used in the post and Pre-Production of Avatar is currently in my opinion unsurpassed... As the far as the plot line I totally agree it's lame. I would suggest seeing this movie for the visual effects alone.
  3. Ummm...fantastic. I am super psyched. Jon Farveu is wonderful.
  4. I would try to say something intelligent, or witty, but according to that graph we're appearently getting stupider...(or is more stupid?) So all I can say is that graph makes me want to throw my own poo at someone.
  5. Okay...just watched the pilot. I agree that the message in it is good, but for the most part, I agree with Greebo. They blew their load on the first episode. (hey that rhymed) They honestly could have made that one episode in to 3 or 4. They want to put out a message of pro-human, anti-socialism, don't trust people because they "talk good" and look "perty", (I mean if that was the case I would trust every word out of Morena Baccarin mouth.), but it's a series, so there is more time be settle with it...And this show is not settle. It blatantly calls out the alien "healing centers" as "Universal Healthcare", which, in a way is sort of funny in...uh...well, a not funny way...But it's going to loose a lot of it's audience. Liberals are sensitive little buggers. Here is this great vehicle to reach a ton of people with a great message, but if the "vehicle" is a tank, you're going scare those poor little emotional liberals away, and give them more nonsense ammo.
  6. It gets lonely in the People's Republic of Chicago. Let's Riff!! DA RAAAND!!
  7. I'm on. Name: Universehead svalbard No pornography?!! Rats!! I've friended everyone I can find.
  8. Sir Andrew, Have you read the graphic novel? Your dislikes of the movie are all things in the graphic novel...I'm assuming by what you disliked about the movie that you just don't like the actual story. Everything you described is directly from the book. Edit: Sorry I missed the other post when you said you didn't like the graphic novel.
  9. I'm a long time huge fan of the graphic novel...(see avatar) I just saw the movie, and I absolutely loved it. There were a few changes but I thought they were perfectly fine. I think they genetically engineered the gentleman that played Rorschach to play Rorschach. He was perfect. That is all.
  10. I guess if your goal is to be popular on facebook...(which I don't think it is)...then you do what you need to do to get that status. Facebook is many things just depending on the individual that's using it. I think some people use it as a "race for Peer acceptance", but I don't think it's Made for that.
  11. Excuse me if I put this too simply but...It's fun to have a buzz...It's fun when I'm with good friends having a good time, and we happen to be having a few beers, and I happen to get a buzz from it. I just see it as a good time... I guess the biggest question one should ask one's self is, "Why am I drinking?" Personally, I make sure to drink only when I'm already in a good mood. The alcohol always enhances that good mood I'm in. If one drinks to cover something up like social anxiety, or drinks TO get happy again...It just becomes self medication. I don't think it's wrong to drink at all, but I do think there are immoral REASONS for drinking. And of course I can't NOT quote Heinlein on this post. "Be wary of strong drink. It can make you shoot at tax collectors... and miss." --Robert A. Heinlein
  12. I'm cleaning my girlfriends room while she's out of town...money's tough these days
  13. Ok it's seems that all these women have a history of some sort of sexual abuse. Makes sense now. During one of the scenes the woman with a bow and arrow fetish referred to herself as an O'ist. before I die though...I'm gonna fuck me a fish.
  14. No...fucking...way...no fucking way. I'm done...I give up...I'm taking the next ship to Mars...amazing...absolutely amazing.
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