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    I am a guy to some but believe that I was meant to be Female. I like lace, satin, and silk, and I choose to live my life as a girl. I am a female that was born with the wrong gender. I live my life as a female and am happy with that. I have been who I am since childhood. I am just now sharing my dark secret with the world cause I am tired of living a lie. If you dont like it bug off. But if you can accept me for who I am then be my friend and add me. I choose for myself who I want to be and what I want to wear. My favorite colors are black red and Purple. I know this will cause the loss of some of my real life friends but I dont care, because I am tired of pretending to be what I am not and dont feel.
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    My Daughters, My son, Computers, Bowling
  1. Dont you mean wouldnt it make since for all people to conform to the way you believe. Dont you mean force those of us that are transexual to not live as the sex we believe we are. According to harry benjamin in order for us to have our surgery then we have to live and work as that sex for one year. This means using the womens restroom, this means sitting down to pee. My wife of whom knew about my gender dysphoria before we got married goes with me to the restroom. In order to avoid conflict should I need to use the ladies room she will go with me. Apparently so many people in this world are uneducated about those of us that are transexual. Let me also point out and I know some of these posts have been here awhile, but let me point out that transexuals dont pretend to be who we are, there is no pretending when you do something 24 hours a day, 7days a week. But others that are transgender and just dress to do it as a past time , now thats pretending. I understand everyones concerns here but like in my situation, I have changed my name legally and my licence protrays me as female including in gender(I have to wait til after my surgery to officially change my birth certificate). I was able to change my Drivers Licence by way of my letter from my gender therapist...that clearly states that I am living my life as a female and that I have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Now those that are cross dressers and such, do not get these letters and cannot do the same so now legaly if a lady complains about someone she doesnot believe should be in the ladies room then the owner should have the right to ask for ID and if the ID does not portray the correct gender, then the owner should be aloud to bar them from the property. Now getting back to the ID change if you have been convicted of a sex crime or felony at that, they should not be aloud to persue being transgender or transexual, therefor putting a stop to all this fear of a rapist being in the ladies room. Trust me people I understand your fears, I have 4 daughters from a previous marriage and yes they are very aware of me and who I am and have accepted me. But thats beside the point I love my daughters and wouldnt want a rapist in the restroom with them. Remember there is a difference between a cross-dresser and a transexual, Cross-dressers do pretend and transexuals do not. Ravyn "If I tell you I am Female, and my Drivers Licence shows that I am Female, then I am Female"
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